The marching of boots

There are things we kept secret after the war
The things that could hurt, we hid and concealed.
as culprits escaped, we’re closing the door
for ever their crimes will stay unrevealed

There are things we kept secret – too painful to say
The criminal deeds we buried beneath
now searching in vain, it’s hidden in clay
and lies can be nurtured as flowery wreaths

There are things we kept secret and now it’s too late
as lies become truths and forgotten are sins
and rising again xenophobia hate
when all that will matter is color of skin

alas in our world hear the marching of boots
democracy dies as we’re killing its roots

Picture from Wikimedia commons

Picture from Wikimedia commons

Lately it seems so much that is going in the wrong in our world. When imaginery garden with real toads asks us to write poetry to include the sentence

There are things we kept secret after…

I did try to follow an evil rhythm of things that are happen when we are looking for simplistic solution and giving up on the complexity of democracy. Maybe every generation has to win democracy back..?

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March 30, 2014

42 responses to “The marching of boots

    • Alas.. at the moment it seems to get worse.. we vote nazis into the parlaments all over the world.. only reaction seems to be fighting in the streets.. we need a word of reason.. but it’s quenced and burned with Molotov coctails… hmm…

  1. Bjorn, I just wrote a poem that falls right in line with your thoughts. It had a picture of Heinrich Himmler as the inspiration:
    The Evil that Men Do

    Evil that evil men do is nothing new.
    It is to be expected by those who gnaw
    At power to the bone to satisfy the need
    To make the weak pay for being weak.

    Always it seems to be circumstance
    And chance that let the hardened hearted
    Slowly climb from one hate to another
    Over hidden bones at first and later
    Manifest in public their desire feed
    On the fear and hate of others not so bold.

    Their evil is not unnoticed by the world
    But is allowed to entertain itself as free
    Whenever better men refuse to speak up
    With determination to put a stop to it early.

    No, the evil will always be who they are
    Abiding by what laws they pick and choose
    And the weak will always be the weak
    Not to be preyed upon but protected.

    True evil is the evil that men do when
    In spite of conscience they keep distance
    And decide there is nothing they will do
    Until evil begins scratching at their door.

  2. its a scary thing,
    to hide away the truth and pretend that all is well
    in the after without ever really addressing the issues
    it leaves things hanging on that eventually find the light
    of day and destroy any new trust earned…

  3. I loved the repetition of “there are things we kept secret after . . . ” which added weight to this thought provoking piece. Is it too simplistic a goal to wish everyone could live and love one another without war?

  4. I am always thrilled to read your contribution to our Sunday mini-challenge, and there is certainly nothing ‘mini’ about this examination of war and its aftermath on the psyche. What you say is very true – after every conflict, society must win back democracy, which itself is a flawed system of government these days, though we cling to it in the face of the alternatives.

  5. I can hear the boots. And the secrets kept after war – my uncle served in WWII, and would never speak of war. His nature was sensitive and I think he could not bear the things he had seen. Really potent writing, my friend.

  6. Bjorn, you echo my own feelings (and yes, these were the kind of secrets in my poem as well) how the evil that war brings is somehow never only as obvious as it looks, how it corrodes the soul of both winner and loser, how lies became truth to provoke people into hate, and how they come true again as the victor writes the history books. I couldn’t agree with you more here, in this resonant, straight-talking piece.

  7. There is, of course, a terrible cost, when powerful regimes seek to exert or extend their power. But that cost (brutality, persecution, murder, the subjugation of human rights, and so on and so on) is systemically minimized and/or hidden, so that: the repugnant ideologies the powerful invoked to exert or extend their power appear less abhorrent. In effect – time and secrecy – sanitizes (at less, somewhat) the cost. Throw in ignorance, prejudice and intolerance, economic instability and (of course) blind greed – and the stage is set. Chilling!

    I loved a lot about this piece: “lies can be nurtured as flowery wreaths” – a haunting and indelible line of poetry.

  8. Whew, Bjorn…that is profound. I can hear the marching of boots. They echo, unfortunately, through every generation. So much does not change. Thanks for taking part in Poets United Poetry Pantry!! Your words resonate deeply with me today.

  9. History is always written with a bias from the winner. The whole truth of WW2 is still be uncovered to this day. Man has been at war since Cain and Abel…tis the nature of the beast to kill and struggle for supremacy..

  10. there are evil things that we hide during and after wars ~ yesterday I read about the unearthing of jewish concentration camps during WW2 ~ grim write and i also like this:
    lies can be nurtured as flowery wreaths

    happy Monday ~

  11. This is a good sonnet (I think it is a sonnet?) and it tells about fear that we have, as history seems to repeat itself. Well done!

  12. Hey Bjorn– there is certainly a goosestep march going on here in the rhythms and so much is hidden–it is so difficult–people do not like history thrown in their face–but they also want to oversimplify it and ignore it. I’m not sure if this is different today, only, of course, our mechanisms for destruction are pretty powerful. K.

  13. Oh so true. Project Paperclip…an evil program where the US covertly brought Nazis into the US after WWII. Somehow Werner von Braun came to be head of our NASA and no one blinked an eye. How does that happen? Chilling write. Well done. Maybe too well done.

  14. The rhythm works really well to reinforce your words – I see armies marching and chanting.

  15. I know that many who fought in wars in the past wouldn’t speak of things they’d seen. Of course, now we can see some of these things on TV. It’s terrible, but people forget and keep making the same mistakes. There will always be wars because of greed and pride and the other faults that haunt human nature. That shouldn’t stop peace-loving people from speaking out though. Good poem, Bjorn.

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