Sacred fifty-fives

In fiddle-wrecking, mustard-seeking, grasp for comprehension.
Should we wreck
the sacred fifty-five?
of honesty-compression and lugubrious self-exposing,
word-explosions beyond the mind-expanding borders of
the sacred fifty-five.
Should we paint-by-number Friday-ode’s to the grey-mundane?
Should we ink-dance outward to a braille-horizon?
without your sacred fifty-five.
how could we cope?
Is there a hope
of sacred fifty-fives?

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

I wrote a poem for G-man‘s anouncement that he will not sell his Harley, but he will cease the Friday 55.. hopefully replacement will step up.
I also link this to my own kenning prompt at dVerse.
March 21, 2014

20 responses to “Sacred fifty-fives

  1. You have asked a lot of profound questions in this 55. I am not in favor of a paint by number Friday. That is, unless my well totally runs dry. Smiles!!

  2. fiddle-wrecking…ink-dance…smiles…sad to see g-man take a bow…but i know how you can burn the candle running a community…there will never be another g….smiles.

  3. Bjorn…
    I have over the years come across many Sacred 55’s
    some were indeed worthy of sanctity.
    Loved your tribute 55
    Thanks for playing, hope to see you next week
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. ink-dance outward to a braille-horizon….ha…so good… sad to hear that g-man stops running 55’s … i used to play and it’s such a good exercise to do 55’s …and a lot of fun as well… happy saturday björn

  5. Cool and intense. It really captured the spirit of fun as well as the sadness at the departure of the beloved host of Friday Flash 55.

  6. Ink-dance outward to a Braille-horizon…

    That line broke my brain like seeing MJ dunk from the free-throw line. So very dope. Brilliant. Wish I had thought of it.

  7. Fiddle-wrecking and ink-dance…great kennings you came up with, Bjorn. Sad to see G-Man give up the 55…I used to join in pretty regularly for awhile.

  8. A fitting tribute to the G-man! Also, I liked your piece at dVerse about kenning. I did give it a try, but was too late to link up. The background you included was quite interesting. Thank you.

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