Lies of periwinkle eyes – for dVerse

Painting by Sunita Khedekar

Painting by Sunita Khedekar

She’s folding carefully and tenderly
her indigo calligraphy
the words that never will be read,
or sealed in magenta scent of roses.
the words she once had treasured
the words of daisy petals
loves me – loves me not – not – not – not

Her prussian letters are dissolving,
melting into icy water.
cerulean sentences
are written on her forehead
sentencing to loneliness
in metallic scent of inky waters.

she’s writing crimson letters on her skin.
reminding her of ravished fulvous flowers
and dress herself in rubius striations
to forget the lies in periwinkle eyes.


Today Grace invites us to write poetry at dVerse Poetics on the paintings by Sunita Khedekar. Why not use the oppurtunity to use a lot of colors in your poetry to match the colors of Sumita?
March 19, 2014

38 responses to “Lies of periwinkle eyes – for dVerse

  1. I am sure that the words she has written were colorfully beautiful, despite the fact that they won’t be read. Glad she is not taken in by ‘the lies in periwinkle eyes.’

  2. You have chosen a beautiful painting painting, Björn, and I like how you have expressed the sadness we feel as we look at it. ‘The words that never will be read’ make me feel sorry for her.

  3. the words written on her head sentencing to loneliness…how evocative…love the word play in that as well…that and forgetting the lies in the eyes…oy…there is a sadness here…but a hope for release…

  4. Marvelous use of colors – periwinkle, indigo, cerulean, metallic scent of inky waters ~ The theme is sad, but it complements the picture beautifully ~
    Bjorn, you have to relink again as this one is not showing up ~

  5. oh that is so sad… love the images björn and i hope for her for bunches of daisies and that one day the last petal says…he loves me…

  6. melancholy very well-captured… though when i saw the painting i saw a belly-dancer taking a rest. diverse perspectives, huh 🙂 i should probably write some verses for that hahah

  7. Any time, as poets, we key into the colors of a prompt, the poetics sprout like ivy blossoms; a very good “free verse” piece, brother; & I admired your bravery & skill; love it when you play tennis with the net down–a strong response to this artwork; almost picked this one myself.

  8. This is beautiful, Bjorn…you told a girl’s wistful story using such color rich descriptions. Life truly is a palette of colors! Excellent…

  9. You managed to find and convey sadness even amidst all this riot of colour. But she overcomes, that is the main thing, there is hope in that ending!

  10. Great word craft Bjorn! Very apt in imagery to relate very much to what Sunita offers – vibrant colors with bubbles, lines and various forms! Well done!


  11. Powerful, haunting image written in sad shades that fit the painting perfectly…”she’s writing crimson letters on her skin” makes me ache.

  12. Ah, one day she’ll learn that no liar deserves her love. How sad that she is wounded twice – first by the lies, second by her own hand – because of this unrequited love.

  13. This is full of colors and meanings….very beautiful….so apt for that beautiful painting…..

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