Morning secrets

this morning I woke
early enough to fall asleep
once again
this morning the sun
whispered secrets to the moon
while I slept
this morning I dreamt
that, like the moon, I understood
your secrets
this morning, shadows
on back side of the moon
were revealed
this morning I hid
your songs in a velvet pouch
deep inside

 Song of the Morning by Nicholas Roerich

Song of the Morning by Nicholas Roerich

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March 15, 2014

24 responses to “Morning secrets

  1. Ah, it would be nice to have the feeling that one understood the sun’s secrets….even for just one day! And those songs in a velvet pouch? Oh, what a priceless treasure. Love the painting that inspired your writing today, Bjorn.

  2. Some secrets we’d definitely like to know. I like the rhythm provided by the repetition of ‘this morning’. And I find it wonderful when I awake “early enough to fall asleep / once again”.

  3. oh this is magical and absolutely gorgeous…the relationship with the sun and moon and hte velvet pouch to keep your secrets/their secrets inside…very cool!!!

  4. oh nice… there’s a beautiful tenderness and subtle magic in this.. i fell asleep this morning as well again but just dreamed very weird stuff…smiles

  5. ‘shadows were revealed’ – don’t quite know if that is good or bad 🙂
    maybe they ought to stay hidden?
    Love this gentle poem a propos of nothing in particular.

  6. I just adored this poem from start to finish..whispered secrets to the moon..tonight will be a full moon..I think I need to do some whispering..smiling..

  7. Hi Bjorn – lovely last three lines certainly crown this piece – terrific…
    With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Joyous poem–How the sun and moon rendezvous and I know the grabbing of secrets happens on both a human and astronomical plain, how soft and deep the song is buried.

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