The Spring’s champagne – Sonnet for dVerse

I feel the warmth of sun in singing birds
the wind’s a gentle kiss on broken lips
I smell the sea in nature’s lulling words
like pomegranates are rubies, your fingertips,
as soft like velvet touch my winter skin
and I caress your round electric hips

I stand and wonder where the life has been
when winter’s windy daggers carved my flesh
my shield was broken and my armor thin
we’ve been entangled in a deathly mesh
but now in splendor we can raise again
and in a cherried breath we’re born refreshed

and slowly tenderly you soothe my pain
your nectar is the spring’s champagne

Landscape of Creuse at spring by Armand Guillaumin

Landscape of Creuse at spring by Armand Guillaumin

Today at dVerse MTB hosted by Brian we go blind. Writing poetry devoid of sight. We use all other senses. I like to do Terza Rima, so this is yet another effort. Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

66 responses to “The Spring’s champagne – Sonnet for dVerse

  1. nice…you got it…a lot of touch and tactile…the daggers…the broken lips are even felt…like the allusion to armor as a warrior….like the attching the poms to the smell as well…and def a sweet close….

  2. Your words make me feel Spring is finally here. Although we still have snowy patches in this area, they are relieved by swaths of brown (no green yet), but brown will do). Terza Rima is a good choice for your form–successful poem.

  3. This terza rima teases like a spring nymph, dancing in the dark, tossing her pungent blossoms, spreading her maiden’s musk high & wide, mingling the birdsong, Sol’s warmth, the wind in the willows, and winter’s howls fading, like a wolf pack heading north; nice one, Bjorn.

  4. feel..smell and touch… nice job in bringing the poem alive through these björn… and oh i can’t wait for her cherried breath…hmmm…. we have a cherry tree field behind the house.. when they’re blossoming, it’s just breath-taking

  5. I enjoyed reading the arrival of spring in your country, Björn! Indeed warm and sunny days encourage us to believe that we can rise again and leave our broken selves behind.

  6. Beautiful. I think that spring’s nectar is by far the best champagne. It is a good feeling to know one is finally becoming untangled from the deathly mesh!

    • I think that sometimes doing some form helps us … it works for me… and sometimes steers us into unknown territories.. and as I said to Brian, I mixed in a few images from your MTB entry on Synesthesia.. to me they worked together well.

  7. Love sonnets in general and this one in particular! The Champagne of Spring! I’m quite giddy with this freedom from battle armor and splendid change of clothing. Bravo!

  8. and slowly tenderly you soothe my pain
    your nectar is the spring’s champagne

    Classic ending Bjorn! It shows the anticipation of spring is now nearer than before. Every one seemed to be happily in the mood of seeing greenery and bright flowers! Great write!


  9. How beautiful this is, with its sensory delights!. I especially love the rising at the end , as “in a cherried breath we’re born refreshed”. Wonderful, Bjorn!

  10. Bjorn, this is both a breath of (and prayer for!) the coming Spring and a sweet/hot depiction of love, of that thin armor we wear when confronted with something is powerful as true love. Brill. Amy

  11. Winter skin. You captured in two words the feel only people of northern climes can know – winter skin. This is an amazing piece. Well done my friend, well done!

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