a praise to roots below

I see those striving winter canopies
they’re clawing upwards into waning lights
and sway in that wintry misantropy
but down beneath we wait for spring delights
when sun kissed leaves and bloom spring forth
in darkness roots are sleeping winter nights

as icy winds are blowing from the north
the filamanents of branches carve the skies
but down below – the roots a sleeping force
we wait below and huddle from the lies
but soon as spring is here and we will raise
when we’ll unmask the winter’s sly disguise
then soon will come the sunny freedom days
to roots below we bring our barefoot praise

What Lies Beneath by Vandy Massey

What Lies Beneath by Vandy Massey

Linked to Imaginary garden with real toads. Where we write poetry on I tried to do a little Terza Rima, it’s been a while. I will also link to Poetry Pantry when that is up.

March 8, 2014

29 responses to “a praise to roots below

  1. I love the seasonal take, the clawing and waiting of the sleeping winter roots into spring delights ~ Can’t wait for the blooming forth ~
    This is a lovely sonnet form too Bjorn ~ Thanks for linking up to Real Toads & wishing you happy weekend ~

  2. barefoot praise…cool that…so much life is teeming just below the surface…just waiting for that spring to push new life up to flower….

  3. Great harrows of the winter landscape with those trees. Oh bring on the spring. Hope we can last that long.

  4. You have so aptly shown the contrast between the above and below in this poem. It is amazing that trees are able to survive the coldest winters and burst forth again in spring when the sap rises. I think your choice of sonnet for this theme is perfect.

  5. I’m very fond of the Terza Rima, Bjorn, and you do its music really well here–as well as paint the stark contrast from the above –‘misanthropy’ of winter,– and the alive potential of all that lies below the surface. Great work with the form and the metaphor.

  6. oh love the roots barefoot praise…spring started with might over here just yesterday… and love that watercolor as well

  7. I really enjoyed the painting and the poem, Bjorn. We have to remember the roots below, which will eventually bring green, while we are yet struggling with those icy winds!

  8. Semi-identifying with the roots below. I just learned that roots actually talk to each other by means of electrical impulses [ email 🙂 ?]

  9. Such a lovely tribute to the seasons…

    I love this:

    “branches carve the skies”

    and your closing line as well…excellent poetic response to this amazing image. This one drew me as well.

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