salmon sushi kind of girls – for dVerse

they are the salmon sushi kind of girls
chic chicks’ chitter-chatter lunch-break

handbags larger than they ever need
filled with clothes & Harlequin adventures

blonde hair and magazinely perfect lips
but deep behind mascara lashes – dreams

of the barefoot sea-side, dipping toes
slip in tepid water – simple life, and poetry

of rolling waves they’ll never will admit
in their gym-instructor giggling talk

they are the salmon sushi kind of girls
chic chicks’ chitter-chatter lunch-break

From Wikimedia commons

From Wikimedia commons

For dVerse Brian want’s us to describe characters in poetry at dVerse MTB. My lunch break provided me with inspiration. Pub opens at 3PM EST.

58 responses to “salmon sushi kind of girls – for dVerse

  1. I’ve met these girls, darling. Really enjoyed this… the playful indictment of the frivolous, the chatty rhythm, everything. Very nice.

  2. ha. great capture of these girls…the alliteration/onamonepoea of chitter chatter….is nice…adding a layer…the never telling the gymn instructor made me smile…you capture a bit of our quirkiness in this…fun piece bjorn

  3. The alliterative lines really captured the type of girls you are describing. Supremely superficial in their speech and manner…and yet very real people at their core (even if they refuse to acknowledge that)

  4. I really enjoyed this and see a lot of these girls in and around where I work… Thank you for giving me a hint ahead of time what tonight’s theme is – I can ponder on my journey home…

  5. a fun piece indeed, Bjorn, and great energy, gentleness, and keen eye for these young ladies; love the fact that you were so kind in your assessment, giving them credit for still reading romance novels, still liking poetry, and nature at the sea. Perhaps one of them will become a lawyer, or go into politics, & the other will drop the pretenses & become a feminist poet, a lesbian leader, a famous person’; see you painted such a vivid alive portrait, the options become vivid & varied.

  6. Your poem reminded me of a place in Stockholm where I had sushi in September! I enjoyed the alliteararions and the portrait of these young women. Hopefully some of them will indeed turn into deeper people than they look.

  7. You have brought these salmon sushi girls to life. I think I would recognize them now if I saw them from your vivid description!

  8. The breeziness that blew through the poem – start to finish – drew me with it, smiling at these girls – healthy, bright, cheery with many doors ahead to open, with a thousands worlds to discover. Loved it.

  9. You aced it, Bjorn! I like the repetition at the beginning and end, and the salmon sushi kind of accentuates the fakeness of their appearance, cool how you mirrored them in the sushi!! Also, I am learning about the contradiction, which adds depth to the character, as you did here with their rather simple dreams, kind of sad. Very believable.

  10. I can picture them in yoga class … whispering there gossip while maintaining their poses. I really like the chic line…it just rolls off the tongue perfectly.

  11. This was delicious Bjorn-loved the rhythm and that underneath all that superficiality they want simpler joys of life but would never admit it:-)

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  13. Oh my gosh, B. This is AWESOME!!! You need to link this again, like for OLN or something. It’s super fun, and De will love this too. Yes it definitely sounds like us on a girl date. 🙂

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