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Returning was never a choice, but a necessity. When the Euro crisis hit, he lost it all, his business, his condo and his wife. Returning to the house of his father was a defeat.

After the first day he had looked in disgust at the blisters developing on his, once carefully manicured, hands. But gradually his body got used to the labor of clearing terraces his grandfather had once claimed from the mountainside.

As he washed himself to meet his childhood playmate, now his bride to be, he felt like roots developing to his ancestor’s soil. He was home again.

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Copyright Björn Rudberg

To find your own picture being this week’s picture was a sweet surprise. It was also more difficult to write on your own picture. For those unfamiliar with Madeira, I can tell it’s a blessed lush island in the Atlantic. It’s part of Portugal, and a paradise for hiking. You hike often on levadas which are water channels in the mountainside, providing water to the terraced plots. In the picture you can see the levada passing between the houses.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers under Rochelle‘s leadership. Each Wednesday a new picture, a new challenge. It should be about 100 words (which I try to keep).

January 22, 2014

50 responses to “Returning home – Friday Fictioneers

  1. A beautiful story Bjorn !Yes,most of us are capable of turning the tables on fate if we put our hearts to it :-)Thank you for the note on Madeira;-)

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  3. I love the soil/dirt elements in your story. That always feels real to me – maybe because one of my favorite scents is earth and it comes to me when I read about it!

  4. If the first step to overcoming defeat is acceptance, your character is on his way. An interesting plot, Bjorn, and thanks for the photos, and the memories.

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  6. Thank you for this beautiful photo, Bjorn.

    I loved your story. Enforced change like that really does make us re-evaluate what is important. The pain comes from resisting it, and wishing we were back with what we had before. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but worth it (every time!).

  7. another wonderful story, Bjorn, and love how childhood friendships become something more. thank you both for the story and lovely photograph.

  8. Lovely story Bjorn! I love the picture and love the houses. This reminds me a lot of Northwest Arkansas – where I am from. Thanks for providing a beautiful picture to write about! Nan

  9. Dear Björn,

    I love the way the story brought us from defeat and despair to hope. Well done.

    I had a tough time choosing from all of your wonderful photos. You’ll see more in the future. Thank you!



  10. Soil, nature, outdoors can feed a soul in ways that city folk can only dream of. I’m thrilled that he has connected with his roots and been won over.

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  12. 2nd comment from me Bjorn – I just wanted you to know that I really do love the color of the gate on the grey manor – I was just kidding in my story – your story was so moving. Thanks for the picture. Nan

  13. Great photo for this week–thanks. I liked how you had us down low in the depths of despair, then bumped us up to a happy ending. And thanks for the comment on mine.

  14. Cool, cool and VERY cool, Bjorn! I especially like the idea of the guy going back to his roots and you’ll KNOW he’ll be a success again. Nice job this week! Happy New Year!

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