Carpe Diem Haiku – Ulan-Ude

When a train follow the waterline of a big lake or the sea, you sometimes feel as if the world is divided in two. On the right side of the train all is unchanged, the taiga provides no variation and you feel the calm of almost being stationary. On the other side, the train is gripping to the edge of water, you see the horizon, and being on the edge between safety and infinity, you realize that these are just the choice of any adventurer. My eyes trace the horizon, and I long for the unknown there beyond.

On the edge to the unknown I feel the longing for an eagle’s wings

Today the prompt in Carpe Diem is Ulan-Ude. On it’s way we have passed the lake Baikal and I thought a little bit of the feeling how it is to travel on the edge of a large water.

Janauary 19 2014

14 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Ulan-Ude

  1. really well-crafted haibun. I was telling Ese just how well the American sentences fit in your unique approach/genre. Here you gave it in classical style, the eagles wings, from where you can view the whole journey. The eagle, beauty and danger, and the three elements so carefully displayed in your haibun – earth, water, sky.

  2. Another nice haibun with a wonderful american sentence to conclude it. By the way I have published a new episode of ‘little ones’ on our second weblog. it’s about american sentence …

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