charcoal letter – for dVerse

with silver yarn of dreams
I tried in vain to tie a net
to catch those loving words
escaping from your lips

with golden sheets of sunshine
I tried in vain to make a bed
to catch you in my dreams
entangled in my arms

with pearly cotton clouds
I tried in vain to make a dress
to dance a wedding dance
till death that does us part

with charcoal printed words
you wrote a concrete message
to say you found another
and could we just be friends?

Today it’s dVerse Open Link Night. The bar opens at 3 PM EST. I think it will be a hot and steamy inside. Come join us.

January 14, 2014

58 responses to “charcoal letter – for dVerse

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  2. Dreamy, the way you set the verses up, Bjorn. I love the silver yarn and the golden sheets of sunshine! The silver and gold and white contrast so much with the charcoal black. Very well done!

  3. So sad. These things happen often enough. As Robert Burns wisely penned:

    The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men
    Gang aft agley,
    An’lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!

  4. Bravely you bash the words about with the net down, & free verse has welcomed you warmly, brother. And a Romance poem to boot; really enjoyed the ride.

  5. ugh… that is so painful…if one tries everything to save a marriage and keep the love alive and the other has given up and already on another path… hurts…

  6. aw, Bjorn, that was really well crafted
    and if the story is true, well, hope springs eternal! 🙂

  7. A successful poem – had the form feel to it without the rigors. I like the way your poetry is constantly breaking free. I see so much growth over the time I’ve been reading your work. I know this will be a successful year for you.

  8. For me there are echoes of Scarborough Fair in this poem, Björn; all those impossible tasks and even then you don’t get what you hoped for. It is all too often the way of love …

  9. Some say there is no other writing than carrying on the conversation with our beloved, whether present or absent. I think all poems come from that place. Excellently crafted.

  10. Wow…this blew me away. So sad. So cutting. So…true. The sense of loss, desperation, fear, love, resignation and so much more, are so apparent in this poem. Your repetition makes it all the more lively and triggering. Amazing.

  11. The theme of relationship, depth, our efforts into happy one…not the same… would be this new status ‘friends’ worthy of new efforts?

  12. Very fine progression of imagery, from the jeweled colors of the protagonist’s intentions to the stark black and white of the final reality. Nice work.
    Steve K.

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