Carpe Diem Haiku – Ob River

The human body is not intended to be immobile, and despite the movement of the train, we cease to move. The need to walk manifest itself in the need for yet more cups of coffee that require long walks in the winding corridors of the twisting worm that is our world inside the train. Passing between the carriages I can see the solid ground passing underneath, the gravel of the railway track marking our voyage eastwards.

I walk the winding corridor to further mark a sense of movement

From Wikimedia commons

From Wikimedia commons

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January 12, 2014

10 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Ob River

  1. We are on our journey to the East coast of the Soviet Union on board of the TSR, but we are all on a journey too at the TSR itself. Wandering through the corridor to visit other fellow travelers … it feels like walking the Inner Path.

  2. This at once appeals to me, is deeply moving, and has nuances of Coelho’s style. One of your finest pieces. It is really an emotion to read such a fine haibun, and Kristjaan’s comment is special too.

  3. first…i would def need the coffee as well..ha..its so weird walking on a moving train or airplane…i know you cant really tell but you can percieve the movement in the other direction…

  4. I agree with Kristjaan … we are all at the same time walking the inner path. This train ride is very interesting.

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