Carpe Diem Haiku – Perm

Conversations meander like the many small rivers and brooks we pass. All of the sudden I feel that you have left, as your thoughts have carried you through many doors to other worlds. You sit there in a corner by yourself, neither sleeping nor awake, I sense that your awareness is very focused elsewhere, but as the train brake for yet another stop, we all come together. Somehow we are yet again strangers in each other’s eyes.

floating lazily –
rivers all connect somewhere
like conversations

Linked to Carpe Diem

January 6, 2014

30 responses to “Carpe Diem Haiku – Perm

  1. I wish to say: “wonderful haibun.” Then I see the lovely photo and wish to say: “great haiga.” However I do not know the term for haiku, prose and artwork all together. Is there one? Love the cohesiveness of this.

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