In care of candlelight – winter poetry for dVerse

In wickedest of winter nights,
to our warmth now come inside
You’re glittering in gladdest lights,
as the gloaming daylight wanes

Like horsemen winds are howling past,
in homely cabin we are safe
as solemnly our songs are heard
for solstice change to spring

In care of candlelight we wait
for calendar that soon will end.
when pains of what is past gives way
to passions of a year’s rebirth

Picture from Wikimedia commons

Picture from Wikimedia commons

We are soon at the darkest part of the year, and darkness permeates our souls. Mary wants us to use lights as inspiration for Poetics tonight. We sure need a lot of light here in Sweden. Please join us at the last pub of the year. Hope there will be plenty of light for us all when we open at 3 PM EST.

December 13, 2013

47 responses to “In care of candlelight – winter poetry for dVerse

  1. In the cold of darkest winter nights, the light of a candle burning gives a feeling of warmth as we wait for days to lengthen again! I enjoyed this, Bjorn.

  2. I know that your days are at their shortest just now Björn and your longing for light can acutely be felt. I like the idea of a ‘homely cabin’ and the waiting for the ‘passions of a year’s rebirth’.

  3. the light provides us with a circle of hope and warmth to puch on through the dark night of the season waiting on the light to come once more…no matter how those horsemen howl…as long as there is light….smiles.

  4. passion’s of a years rebirth…. i love that we have candles and hope to brighten up the darkest time of year… and good to be safe from the horsemen winds…oh yesterday it was stinging cold over here…

  5. /darkness permeates our souls/ stays with me, brother, with you there, north of north, in the belly of the beast winter, lying flat as the ghost riders stampede overhead; a fine ride, & honest sentimentality; Midnight sun in summer, darkness at noon in winter, creatures of such extremes have to become poets.

  6. A beautiful metaphor to use in the darkness of winter ~ We are snow filled here but I am looking forward to rebirth and spring time ~ Happy weekend Bjorn ~

  7. Winter solstice is indeed worth celebrating. I see no problem with this; celebrating the birth of Christ at winter solstice. There is no other real turn to life than the birth of Christ. *smile*

  8. In Care of Candlelight…I like that….I look forward to that day when things turn and there is a newness in the air of things to come…after the holidays 😉

  9. The light of your poem has warmed my heart again, Björn. You have created a hopeful atmosphere where pains will be forgotten to give birth to passions. I saw your candle heart-shaped… May the light inside your soul be always with you.

  10. your voice though possibly not meant to gives your writing an eerie feel. The longing for the light, the birth of a New Year – lovely BR.

  11. Light and darkness have an older, greater meaning the further north or south one travels; here in Florida USA we’re almost equinoctal about the solstices, noting the change, but not stirred much because it’s not a riot or rout of light. Great hymn here full of of the portent and hope of the solstice moment.

  12. Beautiful! how much the burning candle leaves for us to shed the past and look forward move on! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

  13. My poem was written in a cabin with terrible cold pressing in, so yours is very close to my heart. I hope that embrace was true. That is one warmth that can sustain us until spring.

  14. This flowed effortlessly..had the rhythm of a carol we might have sung in school..yet definitely an exploration of the darker side of light..

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