Tomorrow’s Friday – for dVerse

Near the hearth by Vincent van Gogh

Near the hearth by Vincent van Gogh

Tomorrow we’ll light a fire
and let embers consume
the week of office work

We’ll let music sooth our senses
as candles burn remainders
of staccato conversations

Red wine and cheese
mingle in conversations
of plans to go away

Tomorrow’s Friday

Today at dVerse Gay let us write about home and hearth and how it affects our language and make it unique. Definitely my weekend self is totally different from my weekdays self.

51 responses to “Tomorrow’s Friday – for dVerse

  1. Bjorn, I can just feel the winding down after a long work week in this poem. Red wine, cheese, and music sound like the perfect accompaniments to a Friday!

  2. Fridays are Fab, even for me as retired, because my younger still-working wife is home, & the week end can commence, visits by grandchildren, dinners out, plays, concerts, movies, card parties–followed too soon by the re-yoking, putting the vocational harness back on blue for Monday.

  3. Very evocative poem, Björn!I like the way you slide into the weekend with wine, cheese and music! And sometimes I’d just love to ‘let embers consume the week of’ school work!
    the week of (school) work!

  4. Christmas is a’coming and it’s nearly Friday too – we thank goodness for all these things and wish good thoughts to everyone especially friends and family. My heart to you Bjorn. Have wonderful holidays. It’s been a joy reading you this year. Thank you.

  5. yay! i am all for tomorrow being friday and shelving the work for a few days….smiles…and next friday all the more as we will be out on winter break…woohoo….my weekend self is a little different maybe…smiles.

  6. Hiya Bjorn,
    My fire/hearth is definitely out of doors, and the fire /warmth is within my mood when I’m away from house and hearth. I can see the need for it in your long winters.Have a good midwinter time.

  7. Well, our weekends are work these days – both in ministry – but I do remember that Friday, “aaaaaaaaah,” on with the coat and out the door, and never fast enough to get home to my little girl. Well done, Bjorn; simple, yet affecting. Peace, Amy

  8. oh that sounds like the perfect way to start the weekend…. can’t wait until mine starts… we’re having the company christmas party tomorrow though….

  9. It is a shame, though, one is forced to think of work as being on or off. It was not like that some years ago. Work being a calling, we would enjoy working. And we would have confidence in the common effort. I wish you, though, a nice weekend. It sounds like a very nice tradition you have established in your family.

  10. I don’t mean to be superficial but you had me completely at Red Wine and cheese. Conversations of going away, frosting on the cake…think I will have to welcome my hubby with all of the above when he gets home from the late shift tonight! 😉

  11. Lovely stuff which I understand so well. But for me – because of shift patterns – my Friday is Wednesday. Oh how I love Wednesdays!
    Merry Christmas Björn.
    Anna :o]

  12. straight from the hearth/heart – a lovely way to close your week- wine, cheese, good friends by an open fire…. hmm almost makes me wish for winter to return….almost 🙂

  13. Love this poem, the reverence in its tone for time. You’ve captured my love of Fridays when I was still working–I always felt that after Friday, there was no more weekend to matter 🙂

  14. It’s Sunday here…Im away but head back tomorrow to the grindstone. Your poem reflects the desire of many to have some down time away from work Enjoyed this one..short simple and favourite type of poetry!

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