Fists – triolet

He’s lacking words and has no tears
and talks possession with his fists
he finds the power of her fear
he’s lacking words and has no tears
On knees she still on love insists
in rage he’s ceased to use his ears
he’s lacking words and has no tears
and talks possession with his fists

From Wikimedia commons

From Wikimedia commons

Not sure if it’s really in line with the protest theme of Real Toads, but domestic abuse I find that it’s really worth to express anger against. Besides I felt like writing a triolet.
Also shared with Poetry Pantry

November 25, 2013

30 responses to “Fists – triolet

  1. This really struck a chord with me and made me cry. I had to deal with domestic violence for a number of years and this spoke volumes to my heart. You said so much with few words.

      • Would never think of you the type to use your fists. Everyone gets frustrated but that is why you walk away if you can’t talk it out.
        The abuse doesn’t start with physical, it is rooted in emotional and mental areas. Physical seems to be the last part. Very vicious cycle.

  2. The repetitive nature of your triolet is so apt to your subject today: the cycle of abuse seems inescapable. I would certainly agree that this social travesty is worthy of protest.

  3. ugh…what a nasty nasty place of being…he feeling powerless in nothing but her fear and his ability to beat her up…i feel for her…and whatever caused her to fall in with such a weak man….

  4. This is fantastic. The triolet really underlines the message and hits its home. Wise grasp of domestic abuse in he “talks possession with his fists.” That is domestic abuse in a nutshell, my friend. Well said.

  5. Bjorn, sorry for the recent absence (periodic depression).
    I think this fits the prompt perfectly. It’s especially important for men to write about and speak out against domestic abuse, because it’s usually a man who’s the perp. The domination shown by this man is both scary and so real. An amazing poem, sir. Peace, Amy

  6. Excellent write, Bjorn, and wonderful to see a man write about domestic abuse. I see Amy has already said that, but it bears saying again. Women are certainly entitled to rail against the horrors, but a man writing with clarity and finality carries a real punch, if you’ll pardon the pun.

  7. Lack of restraint and control leads to this. These qualities are not natural and strategies must be learned and instilled from day 1…otherwise it is too late.

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