Remember those – Rondeau for Trifecta

Remember those where poppies flew
on Flanders fields – a horrid view
now grass is green despite the blood
that once was seeping through the mud
from heated rifle’s deathly spew

Since then we’ve learned they were too few
that guns that slaughter now are new
and drowning us in crimson floods
remember those …

The drones are executing crews
and with a button we can draw
the line within a neighbourhood
can you distinguish who is good?
is there a line ‘tween me and you?
remember those…

Poppy 2, by Georgia O'Keefe

Poppy 2, by Georgia O’Keefe

So Trifecta wants us to use Remember in the following meaning:
3 a : to keep in mind for attention or consideration
I could not help to write a Rondeau inspired by John McRae’s piece. Do we really remember enough…?
November 10, 2013

22 responses to “Remember those – Rondeau for Trifecta

  1. Nicely woven with lots of themes, and the rondeau form really helps emphasize the meaning of remember. I often think of this quote by my husband, to read things “once for the head, twice for the heart.” The third refrain really drives the point home.

  2. Oh, Björn, you’ve written this so beautifully, with truth and solemnity. I’m only familiar with the rondeau form through your poetry but I believe, as always, you’ve chosen the very best form for the story and images you wish to portray. Really felt this, especially today.

  3. This is beautifully done. Amazing writing once again. (Still enjoy listening to you read your work as well…sounds differently than it does when I read it in my mind.)

  4. Love that you took ‘in Flanders fields´so to heart – beautifully rendered rondeau, Björn!
    Not sure if the first line is were or where?

  5. An eternal truth-we human beings can never stop shedding blood-so sad!Great piece with so much depth-the audio on my laptop is not working for now-will definitely listen to this on my hubby’s laptop tomorrow:-)

  6. Such a profound reminder.
    Combining factual circumstances into this piece made it shine so bright that anyone who reads will stop…even if only a moment, in reflection.
    Words with a powerful purpose…the combination of a poet and a scientist …in the days past these went hand and hand…I see a second coming…you taking the lead ..behind dark glasses!
    Beautiful dear!

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