What I learned tonight

Our latest collective poetry — enjoy 🙂

The voice of collaborative poetry

What I learned tonight

A collaborative twitter poem by @vivchook @troublegummer @brudberg @permabloom @myVogonPoetry and @stair71
To make it easier to read it’s added below.

The bed is so hot, and the moon outside taunts me,
Looking like a wedge of silver watermelon.
A lonely rooster crows restlessly in the dark,
Too early for dawn. Perhaps he can’t sleep, either.

I hear the regular breathing rising and falling beside me
Taunting me too with its cadence oblivious of this
And I lie here burning and look out that window
Knowing just two of us are together, alone

The silver wings of moonlight tempt and lure me out
as my bare feet seek the meadow grass of spring.
In the undergrowth a doe is hiding with her newborn fawn.
The coolness of the night so soothing to my pains.

A familiar predicament, that vague promise
Of a salve for the soul, a gift offered…

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