November beasts – Petrarchan sonnet

Across the moors a shriek of angst is heard
and see the moon that hides behind the clouds
as beasts are roaming through the woods and glades
and high above from hell the evil birds
imprint the menace of November words
of haunting darkness and of ghouls in crowds
of evil beasts with claws like razor blades
of humans shepherded in passive herds

Then hide inside and lock your sturdy doors
and brand those beasts that want to come for you
protect yourself by cooking up some heart
add garlic and some rotting meats of boar
invite them in to share some pork and brew
and let them suffer from your cooking art

Yesterday we wrote of ghosts and beasts with a little humour in it at dVerse. I felt like writing a Sonnet on this. So here you are, I share this on Poetry Pantry

October 27, 2013

31 responses to “November beasts – Petrarchan sonnet

  1. bwahaha…! – LOVE the final line! but seriously, Björn, this is one awesome sonnet – i deeply admire your facility with the form

  2. Great sonnet and theme Björn! The darkness of November is very palpable in your poem. I enjoyed reading your method for getting rid of beasts.

  3. Love the darker feel to this tale. A bit more serious with choice of formatting and twist of words. Enjoyed the image too–both the Browning poem and Dark Tower series by Stephen King being favorites of mine.

  4. hehe suffer from your cooking arts….smiles…nice…its funny we passed a sign on the way home where a restaurant was serving fried pig hearts today….

  5. Oh so very good Björn.
    (It makes me wonder whether you have visited my neighbourhood…)
    Anna :o]

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