How plumbing saved the world – Friday Fictioneers

The invasion had been planned over several decades. They had studied the green planet carefully, and decided a target. It was going to be an undercover operations and it would be easy as this particular center of worship was marked “Target”.

Masked as the vehicles used during religious ceremonies captain Zzzzklyky and his men entered the parking lot at early morning. What they had never expected that they would be stuck, victim to a combination of rain and bad plumbing.

Few outside the FBI knew that “Bobby’s Thrift Plumbing” had saved the world from an invasion of flesh eating aliens.

Copyright Janet Webb

Copyright Janet Webb

Friday Fictioneers to write a story in 100 words to a picture. A glorious challenge. Go to Rochelle‘s page to find out more and join if you like. Or click the Blue guy below to read the rest of the stories.

October 16, 2013

50 responses to “How plumbing saved the world – Friday Fictioneers

  1. HEY, I know that plumber! I had no idea that he was practicing to save the world from certain destruction. Maybe I won’t be so angry with him now. 😉 A fun story, Björn!

  2. A certain lightness here, enjoyed for the absurdity and slapstick – the hardest genre I know. Great names and yes, it does all go wrong on the night through the most unforseen of things.

  3. Why is it Bobby’s Bad Plumbing resonates with so many of us? Glad to know his ineptitude comes in handy every now and then. Fun story, Bjorn, if the aliens come disguised as shopping carts, can we “push” them out?

  4. Target fits so nicely here — and your story made me laugh! Many thanks for saving the planet, Bobby. Still, the next time I’m at Target, I’m going to keep my eye on those shopping carts…

  5. Ha! Bullseye! Talk about having a target on your back.
    I recently finished a story about an inept plumbing company called “Triple F.” My characters feel very at home with what happened here.

  6. Dear Bjorn,

    Are there Target stores on your shores? Reading your lunatic twist on the take makes me believe there are. You really relaxed and let loose with this story. Some secrets stay hidden forever, but not this one.



  7. FBI agents masquerading as plumbers, saving humankind from flesh eating aliens masquerading as shopping trolleys and planning to conquer Earth one supermarket at a time. Beautifully bizarre story! Bizarre? My plumber is female, has a performing arts degree (in dance) and sings. Maybe truth is stranger than fiction. 🙂

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