Carpe Diem Freestyle – Thanbauk

as the path leads
my feet read truths
of deeds undone

 Pere Jean's Path by Paul Gaugain

Pere Jean’s Path by Paul Gaugain

Thanbauk is a Burmese verse style with three lines, each having 4 syllables. It should have rhymes in each line.

x x x a
x x a x
x a x x

I tried to mix this with a little haiku for fun. Thanbauk should usually be humoristic, but here it’s freestyle. Time to invent.

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October 13, 2013

15 responses to “Carpe Diem Freestyle – Thanbauk

  1. I’m often drawn into your poetry by the visuals you post with them. I pondered this thandauk (never heard of this); … truths of deeds undone … leaves a wide scope – deeds that has been committed and then undone? Is this possible? Or deeds intended and never done? The latter is the best. I think.

      • Living close to nature as I do, I find going for a serious walk leaves space only or the walk and perhaps if I remember, to take a photograph. I often decide to not even take a photograph as it interferes with the whatever happens to one on such a walk. Sometimes I walk specifically to take the photo … a deed well done. But it takes a shift. I should try and write a poem about this!

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