The last cold night before she left – for dVerse Poetics

I wrap my arms around in vain
her eyes and soul’s among the stars
I’m earthbound, left behind in pain

Invisible – the ice that bars
togetherness’ forever gone
my bearhugs just enhance the scars
We’re frozen here until it’s dawn
then she will leave me here alone
– I have the losing ticket drawn

I cannot melt the ice that’s grown
as warmth has left, long time ago.
In winter songbirds south have flown.
She can’t endure the winds that blow
my fur is thick but still it hurts
to look for love in ice and snow.

With empty eyes she can’t assert
that she’ll return as summer comes
to dance with me in flower skirts
Our destiny is sealed in drums
she feels the pull of flower chains
and soon we’ll sing in different tongues.

I wrap my arms around in vain
I’m earthbound, left behind in pain

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-Stein

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-Stein

Today at dVerse Poetics Claudia introduce to fantastic art by Catrin Welz-Stein. I cannot avoid to use the polar bear. There is such sadness in the painting. I will be at a party when the pub opens but will be coming by to comment on Sunday.

September 28, 2013

39 responses to “The last cold night before she left – for dVerse Poetics

  1. There is a deep feeling of melancholy in these words…with togetherness only possible until dawn, then separation for all time to come. Your words really make the reader FEEL the love between these two so-different beings.

  2. so evocative bjorn….the ice that blocks the togetherness in particular….and the feeling of being bound to the earth and they so far away….the acceptance of a destiny that is not what you want….

  3. dang – felt sadness here björn… the wanting to hold what we can’t really as two different hearts beating in their breasts.. earthbound he and she feeling the pull of flower chains… time to let go…ugh….felt…

  4. Exquisitely beautiful. I loved seeing the image after reading your poetry. I only scroll down as I go. What a poignant end to truly see a bear since bearhugs go with people too…although the fur threw me a bit. Answered with the art.

  5. The picture after the words was even more riveting and sad.
    Gives such new meaning to ‘good things can never last’.

    I felt the cold and chill of loss with your words, they had me reaching for a warm blanket.

  6. Wow, another stunning poem done in classic form; such a poignant take on the art prompt too; fun to see which paintings were chosen by whom. I do see the sadness in the painting, but for me it would have been the bear was a prince, and his love for her was unrequited. Your version is double-cool though; thanks.

  7. Extra-interesting to read b/c I went with the same picture. I especially liked the idea of destiny sealed in drums, because it brings with it he Northern-ness of seal and the sound of northern drums.

  8. There’s such a complete feeling to this poem and I love the tugging of war back and forth between cold and warm…the love therein. I love the backwards wording of this line: “In winter songbirds south have flown.” Great writing!

  9. Bjorn this is so hauntingly really captured the magic in the picture as the bear hangs on..transcending surely know the bear spirit..(smiling)

  10. Beautiful… sad, melancholic- feelings of separation. Great write.
    Sometimes separation becomes necessary… sometimes it is unavoidable and sometimes it is too long to endure.

  11. Why would she leave you at such time? Why won’t she stare at you to see the sadden eye that sing this song! The mood is……… Deep!

  12. I love what you’ve written here. It goes perfectly with the pic, but could also stand alone as a sad, yearning love song. I like the tenerness you wove in this poem. It tugs at the heart.

  13. Oh dear–this is a story of its own – it is an odd pic (I thought) though compelling too, and you’ve brought those aspects out wonderfully–the form works so well also. Thanks, Bjorn. k.

  14. Oh my goodness, this is so, so sad. I almost chose this picture, since the bear reminded me of my dad (he was a big bear of a man), but I just couldn’t do it. You seemed to have mirrored some of what I was feeling. This goes straight for the heart.

  15. We’re frozen here until it’s dawn
    then she will leave me here alone
    – I have the losing ticket drawn…

    …like those lines. This is indeed a melancholy tale that sinks into the skin…felt.

  16. I wrap my arms around in vain
    I’m earthbound, left behind in pain

    Most apt expression that blends with the pic. The realities in life supersede the yearnings and good intentions of those handicapped by circumstances. Truly said and a great take Bjorn!


  17. Bjorn, as always, the way you portray emotions through your words is wonderful.. loved
    my fur is thick but still it hurts
    to look for love in ice and snow.

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