Orange kiss – Kyrielle for dVerse

September starts as summer ends
but soon the weather make amends
my face is covered ‘gainst the breeze
when nights kiss orange in the trees

September is a time of change
in growing darkness it feels strange
we light the candles as it please
when nights kiss orange in the trees

September gardens are so rich
but at the end, an open ditch
as gone are flowers and my bees
when nights kiss orange in the trees

September beauty in your eyes
In them I see reflected skies
but soon in ice and snow they’ll freeze
when nights kiss orange in the trees

September by T. C. Steele

September by T. C. Steele

I went back to the Form for all at dVerse and found the Kyrielle. I thought a hymn to September would fit, as we now have the first taste of real autumn. This is the poem I will link to dVerse Open Link Night that opens 9 PM EST.

September 17, 2013

44 responses to “Orange kiss – Kyrielle for dVerse

  1. Beautiful, and that orange kiss is lovely. Picturesque and vivid. Autumn is a nice time, because I find these days to be favorable for just walking around. Otherwise, we do not have the leaves falling here. It just marks an end to the sultry heat of the summers. 🙂

  2. when nights kiss orange in the trees…i love autumn so i am excited for the longer dark and cooler mornings….def like how the rhythym was enchanting in this…..

  3. This is beautiful, Björn. You have captured the spirit of September as we know it here too. I especially liked the thoughts in the last stanza, showing well that transition from the beauty of September to the chill of winter.

  4. September becomes Indian Summer here in the NW WA state, but def the darkness is upon us; used to drive to & from work in the dark; don’t miss that in my retirement. You amaze me, Bjorn, with your brave forays into various classic forms. I only do so to satisfy the FFA challenges, for the instructive lessons to be had, for the immediate rush of completion, but just do not feel the urge to jump back in most of the formal structures; you are def my hero, sir.

  5. OK, first Orange is my favorite color. Aside of that, I love that repeating line. I am terrible at trying to follow a form…I know I should try and work on that. This one here though, I really love, Bjorn.

  6. Love the form, the repitition of the last beautiful line…and the whole notion of transitional September… A fine write!

  7. What a nice form and how hard a job. It’s not a secret that rhyming forms are the toughest and thia is a really awesome autumn hymn. I love the orange highlight visible even at night.

  8. A Kyrielle written as it should be written. Beautiful, Bjorn, and a lovely image created by your refrain, “when nights kiss orange in the trees”. Very nice. And I hope your winter months come not too soon and not too hard. The lack of sunlight sounds very depressing.

  9. The Kyrielle is a perfect form (and you seem so “at home” in forms) for this homage to September when the days grow longer and orange flames with the passion of a passing year and harvest yield. Lovely.

  10. I love the repetition of the last line, each time. September is my birth month – I can now add ‘when nights kiss orange in the trees’ to ‘seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ to my collection. My dad (also a September child and an artist with paint) would have loved this.

  11. I flourish in the autumnal trappings, and your “orange kiss” certainly sets the mood quite well, Bjorn. It is a wonderful introduction to this seasonal change. Thank you!

  12. Bjorn, what an enchanting refrain–I live in pretty much the complete opposite–constant green -the tropics definitely throw off any sense of seasons

  13. What a wonderful image of night … I am late getting round to this Open Link night … but am glad I chose this one. I love nature poems and always admire structure in poetry. Nicely done.

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