Ligo Haibun – Paradise lost

He always yearned for that tantalizing touch, the bashful lowered eyelash or the soft quivering lower lip. His search was random, travelling the subway system in search of paradise. Sometimes he would see the swaying cotton shirt revealing golden legs of summer, or the bouncing blond hair kissed by summer sun. It all reminded him of his paradise lost.

But came November with rough skins, the dry cough from a cold that never would give in and the revolting smell from wet unwashed wool. At these time he would dive into apathy, and his search of paradise would be put on hold.

At one such day he found himself sitting right opposite to an elderly lady. The pressure from people leaning over him in the overcrowded car made him uncomfortable. But at least he was glad he had found a seat.

The lady all of the sudden smiled at him, it was an uneasy hesitant smile, but to him it had the sweetness of honey. He knew he had found his paradise as he reached out and clasped the wrinkled hands of his high-school sweetheart.

wrinkled hands
recall their youthful eagerness
– paradise found

 Study of hands by Leonardo da Vinci

Study of hands
by Leonardo da Vinci

It’s been awhile since I last contributed to Ligo Haibun. This week I thought I write on paradise (I have added a little apathy too).

30 responses to “Ligo Haibun – Paradise lost

  1. This made me smile. Of course I made assumptions and enjoyed the surprise. Love IS timeless. Beautiful haiku.

  2. My enjoyment of your haibun is on two levels. First, it flowed with rich emotional meaning, encompassing the passage of time – love found and lost and found (okay, I love the second ‘found’ better – happy ending and all that – :)) Second your haiku is expressed so perfectly!

  3. i really love this haibun – something about finding someone you knew long ago but lost touch but to return and still love is there. i’m all over this. love it. ♥

  4. Gorgeous. The smell of wet wool, so evocative of winter. Love the theme of your haibun. A beautiful haiku with no hint of apathy.

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