Ballerina dreams – 55 words for dVerse

Exercise and struggle
in competitiveness
the false friendships
kisses cold as ice

Ballerina dreams
a white swan
among the black
with prince in
thundering applause

But dreams are shattered
as she hastily declines
an oily invitation
for a “private dinner”

Once a coryphée
now spends her time
collecting bills in lingerie
for rush of heroin

Two ballet dancers by Edgar Degas

Two ballet dancers by Edgar Degas

At dVerse today Brian has us write stories in 55 words exactly. A story with a beginning and an end, with a poetic touch. I love it. Pub opens at 3 PM EST.

August 22, 2013

62 responses to “Ballerina dreams – 55 words for dVerse

      • Well,that would not be the only part concerning me, I see that part as something big in which I stir and stir, but small circles – to have the current of a warmer water. On the other hand heroine is something that would be purely my choice – take the disease or not and I believe and always have and always will that the best drug one can regularly use is to Dream.

  1. How quickly the theme of one’s life can change once drugs enter the scene. Regrettable choice has a lasting effect.

  2. it is not an easy life…my wife was a ballerina for 18 years…there is a lot of back stabbing and false friendships and opportunities that are little more than something rather seedy…..

    • That is what I thought (and have read).. and there are always those that fall through… a friend of mine had a girl-friend who had retired as a dancer because of injuries… so I had some insights into the world.

  3. Love how you retain and use those great WOTD. I remember the meaning seeing the word corypheé was not in my active vocabulary. Ballet is always a favorite topic for me.

  4. it’s a tough job and only the best really get somewhere – and then it means fighting in a field with lots of others that wanna win the prize…still it’s a place of magic and dreams..

  5. Puts me in mind of THE BLACK SWAN flick with Natalie Portman; love how much you packed into 55 words; tragedy lurks in every shadow for all of us; alacrity is essential.

  6. I know this world – mine is the world of ice – skaters – the sacrifices are huge, the likelihood of success small, the aptitude for abuse by and to the skaters great – however, the percentage that fall are moderately low as opposed to those in the ethereal world of ballet, I beleive.

  7. Well, we both wrote on such sad things…love the play you got between the images of the ballerina and the eventuality…nicely done.

  8. Sad ending to a fairy tale dream. For most, it’s a hard life, filled with pain and disappointment–it’s easy to see how drugs could find a way into her life and to facilitate drastic change. Good story.

  9. I dated a ballerina for awhile–beautiful girl, but her feet were a MESS. What torture these women endure for their art. Lauren could tell you tales that would curl your hair. Your story is a fine effort, Bjorn.

  10. Yes, there are ways to get to the top through an “oily invitation.” It’s not always by merit. Good for the ones who can resist the temptation without falling into another one.

  11. Oh, this is SO SAD for me. Have known ballet dancers–me, in orchestra–and it IS a tough life, too often ending in popular chaos-of-the-day. They cannot do the Scene de Ballet at age 80–but I can still fiddle!!!

    Thanks for this memory. I pretty sure? 99% of druggies will be found one day in HEAVEN!

  12. ..kisses colder than ice..certainly a far cry from ‘kisses sweeter than wine’ ..great story, Bjorn, and politics plays a huge role in so many genres of work..too bad..

  13. Well this is a fantastic story, the drama, drama, drama, behind the scenes of theatre/performance/movies, etc. Makes me think you know a little about this. I think you are a natural “55er” 🙂

  14. Sad! Things don’t quite come our way in some instances. It’s a lesson
    in human relations on an adverse stance. Good thoughts to ponder Bjorn!


  15. Sexual harassment trickles down through all walks of life, the proverbial “casting couch” politics, “behind the scenes at the Bolshoi.” You have certainly set the mood and feel for this piece. Well penned.

  16. Oh, I feel this. My kids started ballet today. They quit karate to do it, broke my heart. I looked aronund at the studio as I waited, I looked at everyone’s shoes (other kids, older kids, instructors, parents), knowing there are tells to tell in those thin soles.

  17. This surely cried out for a cynical eye to bring the vignette into focus. Not all beauty is as pristine as this stage provides. As was mentioned, life itself is as dog-eat-dog. Dancing Ice Princesses and Poets; how ambition drives us! Thank you for this syringe of reality, Bjorn.

  18. It’s always sad for someone to give their life to drugs. But it’s a little sadder when they have a lot of talent they could share with the world.

  19. My Friend, thank you for this marvelous tale.
    Thank you for visiting, commenting, and adding a special
    touch of class. Feel free to contribute any Friday.
    It’s a fun challenge.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  20. There is no option for taking drugs in the disciplined arts…hours of Physical practice and discipline…you have to be fit and your brain must be clear because your memory must be perfect ….human error is allowed in everything except the arts. Oily dinners will get you nowhere…every one knows if you are good or not once you are on stage.

  21. a great 55, in 4 quatrains, the complete plot of a dance movie, reminding me of THE BLACK SWAN; uber cool; thanks.

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