Diamonds are forever? – Palindrome poem

skies grey of leaden steps
leaving him watching
painted kohl and heavy lashes
loneliness from heavy burden
losses and laments of pain in vanity
beauty enchanting. the borrowed jewels
echo lingering with empty rooms
diamond teardrop falling
drums the
the drums
falling teardrop – diamond?
rooms empty with lingering echo
jewels borrowed, the enchanting beauty
vanity the pain of laments and losses
burden heavy from loneliness
lashes heavy, kohl-painted
watching him leaving
steps leaden of grey skies

Glass tears by Man Ray

Glass tears by Man Ray

At Real Toads we try our luck writing palindrome poetry. First time I tried it, but this sounded like an interesting exercise into new territories. Hope I did it right.

August 10, 2013

21 responses to “Diamonds are forever? – Palindrome poem

  1. I think you wrangled the form very nicely, I loved these two lines:”rooms empty with lingering echo
    jewels borrowed, the enchanting beauty”

  2. You have done a great job. I have tried it a number of times but never could come up with a decent creation. It is quite challenging indeed, given that we can not use words that would disrupt the formation when we reverse the words.
    Interesting writing.

  3. Heavy emotions here with: skies grey of leaden steps & borrowed jewels ~ If I may suggest a bridge word in the middle like this (if you don’t mind):

    drums the
    the drums

    Creative break of -diamond?- and still that deep sadness of watching him leave ~ Lovely palindrome Bjorn ~ Thanks for linking up with Real Toads ~

  4. nice. someone else said this, but it’s impressive how you made the words feel heavy, grey, leaden. even without the photo. well done!

  5. Wow. This works so well…what a great somber tone this carries. I love what happens in that last line…and to leave off there is interesting, too. Nicely done!!

  6. I am slow catching on to writing palindrome poetry. You mentioned this is your first palindrome poem…and I thought you did very well writing it. The form made sense to me, and the content interesting to read. Impressive and inspiring for me to give it a try.
    Thank you,

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