A coffeebreak – for dVerse

I watch as sun becomes a silversmith
and adorns the mountainside.
Rivulets are shining necklaces
on velvet gown of emerald and jade.

Then by the playful little stream
we enjoy our cups of coffee,
that taste much better than at home.
A break that lingers into hours.

The silver sparkles in your eyes,
and laughter like a mountain brook,
remain as memories inside,
but coffee has a bitter taste today.

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Copyright Björn Rudberg

I tweeted this poem in 3 tweets earlier today. 140 characters each including hashtag #dverse. This is to fit Samuel Peralta’s form for all at dVerse. I am on a little leave from my hiatus, with images filled from our arctic north. 🙂

August 2, 2013

24 responses to “A coffeebreak – for dVerse

  1. Good Morning, I was thinking of you with this prompt as you have mentioned many times about writing poetry via twitter. I am glad to see you back with such lovely tweets. Beautiful words and the pictures is breathless. I’ve missed your writings..enjoy your journey (bear) you have much to see and do…Peace & Light

  2. smiles….sounds like you’re having a wonderful time…and isn’t it so that everything – food and coffee and whatever tastes much better in nature than at home… and no wonder the coffee is bitter compared to the sweet laughter of the loved one…beautiful björn…enjoy the rest of your vacation

  3. laughter like a mountain brook…smiles….very nice…and coffee in the mountains just tastes better…hands down…but nice using it to set the tone….good to see you man…

  4. Love the first line, Bjorn & coffee always does seem to taste better in places like this… but then it turned bitter?

  5. …i like the turns you shape t’ward the end Bjorn… you made me envious of the hiatus… your luscious images are so spot on for stirring a cup of hot chocolate tea or coffee carefully bedded by a saucer… ah, how it feels like to be surrounded for quite some time with the money-deaf beauty of the photo you shared here… enjoy the leave & always keep safe… smiles…

  6. I watch as sun becomes a silversmith
    and adorns the mountainside.
    Rivulets are shining necklaces
    on velvet gown of emerald and jade.

    Again, your love for nature shines – that is so visual and lyrical. I loved all three tweets, Björn. And that twist at the end.

  7. beautifully bittersweet..loved especially ‘shining necklaces on velvet gown of emerald and jade’ and ‘laughter like a mountain brook’.

  8. This is immensely satisfying. You are adept at this after your get-togethers with other twitter poets, and it shows. Well done.

  9. Well done – love the coffee theme. (Must be time for my next cup…)

  10. It seems like we’re always trying to recover those moments of beauty, when the coffee tastes better than usual. Very nice work!

  11. This is just perfect, exactly as I envisioned it – three compact stanzas that stand alone, yet chain together into a beautiful whole. And how wonderful you make each verse, startling with that beautiful image of a silversmith adorning the peaks, running down with the rivers towards the observers’ tableau, and back into silver. The twist of coffee’s bitter taste at the end made me stop and think about the story behind the narrative… the power of that taste etches the other images in the poem even more strongly in the reading.

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