Ligo Haibun – wisdom of pigeons

Sitting feeding pigeons he looked at his wrinkled hands recalling all the lost moments of his life. Of time wasted for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. Now alone in penance to neglected relationships he paid tribute in breadcrumbs to his missed opportunities. When his wife left him, he immersed himself in his failing career instead of making sure to keep contact with his son. And when trying to repair that relationship he neglected his job until he was given the pink slip.

pigeons know
stories in the breadcrumbs
lost moments

Getting comfort from the content of bottles he lost everything and had to sleep on the streets for a while. One day he met his grown-up son, recently divorced and finally he had a goal in his life to save his son from walking in his footsteps. He emptied the remaining breadcrumbs and stated to the doves. “I will be back tomorrow, and I will bring my grandson.”

lost moments
no more opportunities
– an old man

The pigeons knew that in their cooing you could find the wisdom of nature if you listened carefully.

cooing pigeon
wisdom of your nature

Hey, this is my 600th post and writing a haibun on the subject of “lost moments” was something I couldn’t resist. Go to Ligo Haibun to read more offerings.

24 responses to “Ligo Haibun – wisdom of pigeons

  1. my experience with pigeons is that they are of the mind that everything is worth crapping on…. You have taken the more noble view. 🙂

  2. Happy 600th post, I am very impressed. I like how you have unconventionally played with the haibun form. Beautiful!
    I don’t feel comfortable enough with poetry for this kind of attempt.
    I also like the message about relationships and the passing of time.

  3. I found this post very moving. My son has not seen or spoken to his father for 20 years and it breaks my heart. I might just send your haibun to him.
    Congratulations on your 600th post x

  4. This was beautiful, heartbreaking and yet hopeful. I like to think it’s never too late for a 2nd chance.

    The haikus were wonderful.

  5. I really enjoyed the steps, along with the coo …
    This piece reminds me of the ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ song where the father does not spend time with his family and then wonders why his child has no time for him.

    Congratulations on your 600th post!

  6. yes, congrats on your 600th post. Inspiring. And your haibun is great. I especially love that first haiku. And the story is very moving.

  7. Congratulations Björn on your 600th! Many, many more please! I greatly enjoyed your haibun. Life’s lessons all the way through and your words flow one into another. I like the way your haikun were woven into the piece, brilliant!

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