Loneliness – Sijo for Carpe Diem Freestyle

I step a little bit outside Japan to Korea at Carpe Diem, and give you a Sijo.
Three lines with 14-16 syllables each, that I have cut into three stanzas each having it separate topic or development. A little bit outside haiku, but still a lot of similar thoughts.

 The Galaxy of Love by Sabin Balasa

The Galaxy of Love by Sabin Balasa

underneath the galaxies,
we transcend into infinity

twinkling lanterns vibrate,
as shouts of silence overwhelms

togetherness at mountain tarn,
I realize our loneliness

July 13, 2013

19 responses to “Loneliness – Sijo for Carpe Diem Freestyle

  1. So poetic! The first stanza feels like flying holding hands of your love and when you talk of loneliness, I can imagine two lovers glad to finally be rid of the world that is constantly chasing them…lovely phrases as usual!

  2. I am going to have to try me one of these Sijo … great poem… and thanks for the explanation of form

  3. I like this Sijo form and of course yours is perfect! I need a place to remember these forms cuz this won’t stay in my brain. Will just visit your blog.

  4. Though i also went with loneliness, we ended up on completely different planets (and that’s the beauty). Your Sijo makes my thoughts take a flight.

  5. I like this Sijo … I am not that familiar with this poetry form, but it looks great, maybe I should try it myself, but then I first have to study it.

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