puzzled life – dVerse Sonnet

Monkey Puzzle by Keith Haring

Monkey Puzzle by Keith Haring

if pieces of your life are only blue
it’s like an endless sky without a cause
the parts will never fit you daily rue
and you will struggle on without a pause

but sometimes pieces easily will fit
your understanding steadily will grow
as puzzles come together bit by bit
you gradually can grasp the why and how

so each and every one of us will have
the grandest puzzle that we have to solve
and some of us will struggle with what’s half
while others let it leisurely evolve

but for a few the puzzle is complete
when life is easy and solutions neat

Today at dVerse Poetics (bar opens at 3 PM EST), Brian wants us to be inspired by puzzles. I have always been thought that life itself is like a big puzzle, and I fit some of my thinking into a little sonnet (back to comfort zone) I’m heading over to a little BarBQ but will be back in the bar tomorrow

July 6, 2013

37 responses to “puzzled life – dVerse Sonnet

  1. smiles…i must be working mine wrong, as it is seldom easy or neat…ha, but it is a puzzle that makes a beautiful picture regardless….i think understanding does grow the more we play with the puzzle (of life) and find where the pieces all fit…

  2. haha…i usually don’t trust all too perfect puzzled lives and neat solutions.. think life had its edges and cracks and somehow my puzzle pieces seldom really fit… i don’t mind though…let them be unsolved and drink a glass of red wine… some things just fall into place one day…smiles

  3. I agree life is a puzzle. Sometimes we choose the pieces, and sometimes the pieces choose us. And, as you said, sometimes the pieces go together easily; and sometimes it is a struggle. I don’t know that anyone’s puzzle is really easy, though it may look that way to an outsider. Thoughtful writing, Bjorn.

  4. How delectable, a puzzle sonnet !! O to be one of those cherished few
    “when life is easy and solutions neat” great job on the prompt !!!

  5. I doubt the puzzle of life is ever “done”. That final piece we are no longer there to complete it. Very interesting and thought provoking write. Personally, I’d like more blue…

  6. Well done Björn!
    I wonder if a completed life puzzle is boring – I would miss the joy of finding the missing pieces…
    Anna :o]

  7. …i doubt if anyone gets to solve his / her puzzle easily… it’s a long long process of gathering the pieces… some pieces are easily given out… most pieces require a great deal & sometimes great sacrifices to win it… we are only lucky we can still pursue gathering the pieces for there are many who have lost faith & courage already & just settle down unresolved… smiles… wonderful sonnet Bjorn…

  8. And after solving this, there is the mystery of the monkey puzzle tree.
    So old and around for millions of years.
    What has it seen and what can we learn from it?

  9. I think I have met some of he people in your couplet–they do not seem bored. Try as I may to make it seem as if I would hate all blue skies, I wonder. ‘Course. they may be Richard Corey’s in the end.

  10. but for a few the puzzle is complete
    when life is easy and solutions neat

    For the lucky few, yes! But for others generally. life can be most challenging and frustrating! Nicely Bjorn!


  11. I like the way you turned this into a sonnet..I wonder if the puzzle will ever be complete as life is always changing and we try to adjust the new pieces into the picture.

  12. There’s no jig saw puzzle I can’t solve, as long as I have my trusty pocket knife, especially if it’s all the same color. Thanks

  13. A very cool first line, which you then carefully examine. I don’t think many people find that the pieces fit together so well, as time goes on. k.

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