Lunacy – Trifecta Sonnet

Felt a need to exercise my iambic skills and give you a ghastly sonnet in Trifecta. The word today is
3a : of the color rust
b : dulled in color or appearance by age and use

Clearly indicating blood stains.

She’s walking slowly through the castle halls
a slanting moon enlighten her in bluish hue
alone a dance invited to the ghostly balls
the shining ax she’s wielding targets you

Her gown has rusty stains from previous acts
her manic laughter speaks of lunacy
you’d better hide, avoid to challenge facts
It wouldn’t work to use diplomacy

But snarling she has felt your scent of fear
from trickling sweat that flowers on your chest
but strength you get from deaths of those once dear
and easily you can the weapon from her wrest

And once again she is the little girl
your daughter’s sweet with hair in silken curls

June 24, 2013

37 responses to “Lunacy – Trifecta Sonnet

  1. oh, that is very spooky and brilliantly written. you brought us right into the story and had me holding my breath.

  2. we may have to have someone do a drive by of YOUR place as well as Brian’s . . . just to make sure you’re all okay and all that . . . that is to say, Bjorn!!! Spooky 🙂

  3. Spooky and chilling, especially love this line ” But snarling she has felt your scent of fear, from trickling sweat that flowers on your chest” Great imagery, and the last line is brilliant.

  4. Iambic pentameter sounded so ominous to me in high school English class. It was like some kind of evil incantation. You obviously have a perfect grasp of it and make it work so well for you.

  5. yet the fear turns around a bit in the end and makes me feel so sad. Breaks my heart, really. Would make a great novel, a mother protecting a child that is insane… Nicely done.

  6. Have you been spying on me? That sounds an awful lot like my kids when they first wake up…

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