Summer solstice – Trifextra

First thank for all the votes, really came as a surprise. Being late this time I offer 33 words of summer for Trifextra – as summer solstice is here, and in our part of the world it mean very short nights.

As summer solstice comes
I sip a breeze with taste of strawberries
whispering with voice of greenery
promises of honeysuckle sunsets
that seamlessly transition into dawn
with diamond glittering on sea of indigo

June 16, 2013

16 responses to “Summer solstice – Trifextra

  1. I love all the colors that this piece brings to mind. I often think of summer as brown (especially late July to August), but really, that’s not the case. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. i was waiting for you!
    lovely we both went with the solstice…yours so soft and elegant 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! I love that smooth, yet quick, transition from sunset to dawn around the summer solstice. You described it beautifully.

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