The briefest freedom – Trifecta story

Trifecta writing challenge today is to use the word
Light in the meaning
3: a source of light: as
a : a celestial body
b : candle
c : an electric light

She’s walking on her bare foot down the dark corridor as usual. The crunch of her feet falling tells her that there can’t be many survivors among the bugs she’s crushing with her soles. At one point she used to care, but after spending enough time in this world people call the labyrinth, she knows that today’s travel might be exactly as long as the ones she’s done all the previous days she ever knew. She don’t really know her name but for many days now she has taken the name of Pollyanna, a name she faintly recollects could be viewed as optimistic. Sometimes during night she has strange dreams of herself dancing over green meadows.
Each day she knows that by the end of the day she will once more enter a room where there is light from an unidentified source and food that’s probably processed from the bugs, and sometimes even company, meaning that the scarce supply of food has to be shared. Every morning the light goes out and she has to select a new corridor, but she has ceased to care which one it is.
There could be an exit somewhere, and some of the people she has met talks about “the exit”, but she has also noticed that those people claiming to know where always the frailest and on their way to disappear.
Today though, will be a special day, there is a heaviness in her steps she’s never felt before, and she doubt that she can make it through to the chamber in time. She sits down, though she knows that bugs will start to crawl on her, and just as she feel her mind slipping, a trapdoor opens, and as she’s falling out into the bright daylight she knows she’s free for the few moments until she meet the blue surface far down below.

June 10, 2013

40 responses to “The briefest freedom – Trifecta story

  1. Bjorn…wow
    I’ve been in the hospital and just woke from a coma a few days ago ..that line
    “and just as she feel her mind slipping, a trapdoor opens, and as she’s falling out into the bright daylight she knows she’s free for the few moments …”
    It really got me.
    Very well done. As always

  2. What a curious story. What a strange world. What a great life to get things going… She don’t really know her name… that’s when I knew this was going to be good.

  3. Wow…had me so engrossed in the story. And then wondering if it was sky or sea she was falling into. Wonderful engaging story and I would have read more if you had kept on writing!

  4. Beautiful and self-contained Bjorn. It’s funny… the labyrinth is obviously a torture, and maybe whoever made it thinks it’s a cruel trick that the only way to escape is to give up and then fall to your death, but I feel relief for her. Of course, bleak if it’s an allegory of life 😉 but I still love it.

  5. A life lived in darkness and with creepy bugs? The myth-like quality of “the exit” is neat.

    Thank you for linking up! Please don’t forget to return for the voting!

  6. This is so dark and full of mystery. It reminds me of a Canadian movie called “Cube” – and leaves me wondering what she must have done to deserve her fate… Great story!

  7. My god, it sounds like some strange cell, or some bizarre trap like, “The Cube.” Perhaps when they become sick enough they are ejected? This is dark and intense. You really got me with this one.

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