the twin within

Janus by  Christo Coetzee

Janus by Christo Coetzee

we struggle & fight in constant battle
with an evil twin we carry deep within
we’re like a Janus hiding second face
just acting Doctor Jekyll & hide our Hyde

for some an evil twin will dominate
& hide their twin of goodness deep within
for humanity they only have contempt
but still they have affection for their dog

& others constantly seems good & fair
but might some-day explode and hurt someone
the evil twin within can be patient
it’s there and always waiting, never sleeps

to diminish the evil twin within
we have to always do and feel what’s right
in starvation of a lurking pride and greed
to keep it locked up deep inside our heart

Today in dVerse Poetics Karin encourage us to analyse the concept of twin. The idea of an opposite within ourself or in other ways.
Tony reminded me of Solzhenitsyn who said “…the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being…”

37 responses to “the twin within

  1. smiles…great minds…i used janus and the twin that hides inside as well…smiles….nice hit on jekkyl and hyde…and hyde hiding…the one caring for the dog but no one else…i know a few of those…nice bit of wisdom in your close too…

  2. I agree with your premise here. I do think there is an ‘evil twin’ within everyone..even the kindest of people. In most people it is kept controlled and /or invisible. I also believe that even in sociopaths there exists a ‘good’ twin, unfortunately suppressed or weakened.

  3. A very interesting idea – well expressed. I think this kind of division is stronger for some than others really, but it is certainly pretty intense, and you’ve caught that. k.

  4. Wow, until today I had not realized the posse of Gemini that gather over at the dVerse Pub; myself included. Your /dog lover/ reference made me flash on Hitler, who it is said, loved his dogs. Like the intensity of this piece; nice ride, sir.

  5. ah you were going in the same direction that bri did.. it’s a balance act and needs a lot of wisdom to make the right decisions..and sometimes it’s a big fight.. and welcome back to europe again..smiles

  6. There is always both sides of us – the good versus the bad, fighting and checking who will prevail ~ Hopefully the good one always does, though we must always be aware that its inside, waiting and waiting ~

    Happy weekend Bjorn ~


  7. You give the sense of division and conflict quite strongly, and I love the aside about the dog–nothing is ever completely black and white, is it.

  8. I disagree with everyone. A Christian will be nice *and* pretty. Just that. To abolish the evil drive one must become a Christian and by that be born again to become nice *and* pretty by his heart and mind. Period.

    • GI

      Gi meg den rene og pene,
      gi den som kan stå for sitt ord.
      Gi meg den vakre og vene,
      gi den som kan prege vår jord.
      Gi meg den sterke og klare,
      gi den som har mot i sitt bryst.
      Gi meg den snille og rare,
      gi den som før arbeid har lyst!

      Hjerte og sinn er en ening.
      Og uten at hjertet er med,
      uten at mål preger mening
      og uten at ro preger fred,
      dårer vi bare. Vi spiller.
      Så gi meg som hofte og kne
      den som har peiling. Har peiling!
      Gi den som kan smile og le!

    • Anders- unfortunately I’ve seen too many Christians NOT doing the right thing, and people with no beliefs at all doing what is right. As above, though, nothing is in black and white.

  9. Excellent Björn and how true your words. The evil twin resides within us all – I know she exists within me!

    And i do understand your dog reference – what a strange breed we humans are…

    Anna :o]

  10. The hidden ‘twin’ can often spring a surprise. It takes many forms, sibling, a friend and worst someone with a dislike. Good to be forewarned! Nicely Bjorn!


  11. Made me think of the college shootings in the States – how terrible to carry such hate and despair that these people don’t have anything to balance it out, and go on to act on it.

  12. I’m a big fan of Jekyll and Hyde so love that reference….
    to diminish the evil twin within
    we have to always do and feel what’s right
    really stands out as rock-solid advice. Great writing here. -Mike

  13. I enjoyed your approach to the prompt as we constantly struggle with choices. I agree one should do what feels right..if it feels wrong then it probably is and often there is a price…

  14. “starvation of the pride and greed”. The only way to conquer the beast within is not to feed it. Liked hiding the Hyde. And your Janis picture is fascinating. Really like this uncovering what is crucial to mask.

  15. I think maybe the reference to Janus in this context is inappropriate. According to my Oxford Reference Dictionary Janus is from Roman Mythology, an ancient Italian diety, guardian of doorways, gates, and beginnings, and protector of the State in time of war. He is usually represented with two faces, one at the front and one at the back of his head, so that he looks both forwards and backwards. Janus is also the name of a satellite of the planet Saturn.

    I do, however, concur that we all have a dark side. What this darker twin might be called, I do not know. I’m sure it is referenced in both mythology and psychology but I can’t lay my hands on it right now. Well done with the poem.

  16. I’ve just noticed the author of the painting. Christo Coetzee is a South African painter with international acclaim. An excellent painter, as can be seen above. I’m always amazed at your choice of paintings or artworks that you choose to go with your poetry. Well done.

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