No Martini for me

Today we go abstract with colours in dVerse poetics with Brian. A little bit out my comfort zone, and to help us we are using pictures from Leovi. Pub opens at 3 EST.

Copyright by Leovi

Copyright by Leovi

crimson tongues ensnares
a lollipop, enchanting it
to azure hue
purple shadows playing
with verdant rabbits
dressed in coats.

far away I see
the pink horses
marching to a sound machine
and go boom boom bang
while high above
magenta tracks
from sluggish badgers
painting tic-a-toc
across a sky of
tangerine and green
and deep below
the ruby elephants are
served Martinis
(without olives)

and then I wake
(without even getting a sip)

May 25, 2013

56 responses to “No Martini for me

  1. Very vivid writing, Bjorn. I guess this is what a martini will do to a person, even in his dreams. Love the mention of the ruby elephant…ha, but no olive?

  2. The picture was just a blob of colors to me (I am not a fan of abstract) but your words did give it some sense and meaning, yet, too bad, you did not get a sip of the martini. 🙂

  3. hahaha…oy but you may feel like you had a few…def like the hallucinatory imagery of the second one….the boom boom beat is cool…the pink horses dancing while the elephants sip martinis…reminds me of a disnay movie…was it fantasia…….some fun rhyme in this bjorn..

  4. I love the play of colors Bjorn, this has a surreal capture ~

    Very creative presentation, then the ending, hope you don’t have a hangover ~ Smiles ~

  5. Always several ways to respond to Art as poetic prompt; generally I do as you did (brilliantly), respond to the color & line, to the images that swirl Rorschach & fecund boldly, teasingly–but this time combined what I say to what Leovi had labeled his image; tribute to Lorca; all great fun over at dVerse; enjoyed the ride, sir.

  6. cool…love where this took you…such fun images …and now hand me a Martini
    (with or without olives)…smiles

  7. …aww.. that’s quite a ride of fantasy Bjorn… i myself not so sure if i appreciate fully this kind of art… but you provide us an interesting flavours after this image… smiles… my initial thought of this image was like an atom formation in the air… ha…

  8. Oh…well I loved the opening verse, so colourful and sweet…in a lollipop way…loved how you saw the photo in it…then I realised there was more and it reminded me a little of Dumbo…and the nightmares it gave me when I was a kid…I was terrified of pink elephants on parade! Anyway must admit had a sip of my first martini last year… and that’s all I had a sip but I believe if you drank all of it you’d see more than ruby elephants…ha ha! Anyway sorry I’ve waffled on it’s a great abstract poem and I very much enjoyed it! 😉

    • Very good to catch the Dumbo reference, that was in the back of my mind. I understand it was never done for kids (or maybe not)… in reality not a big fan of Martini’s but I thought that was the thing for elephants.

  9. Powerful ending. For a minute I felt like I was in some odd Wonderland in your words. Nice creation you made. You definitely painted quite a picture with your poetic side 🙂

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