In motion – a glosa based on Karin Boye

Picture source Wikimedia Commons

Picture source Wikimedia Commons

The sated day is never first.
The best day is a day of thirst.
Yes, there is goal and meaning in our path –
but it’s the way that is the labour’s worth.

(Karin Boye : In motion from the Hearths)

a day you have looked forward to is here
plentiful the food’s delivered to your seat
you sit content and celebrate
& so in fleeting conversations glide
you don’t indulge in gluttony
but with temperance you’re nursed
still afterwards when in bed
you fall into sedated rest
from this, the sentiment is versed
The sated day is never first.

some days you look upon in dread
agendas filled and more to do
the goal you have that day is far away
and on horizon cumulu nimbus grow
there’s more to come, & other days
as you in tasks so deeply are submersed
still gratified you are in mind
& when you finally can rest
in peaceful dreams you’ve passed the worst
The best day is a day of thirst.

you strive towards a distant goal
within a beacon of success
& if you’re searching for the holy Graal
or maybe just a modicum of food
reward can come in honor or in gold
or maybe just avoid you boss’s wrath
importance of your goals exist
you are measured on the things you do
& maybe you improve the life on earth
Yes, there is goal and meaning in our path –

but when you finally can rest your head
and look back on what’s achieved
it’s not the prizes you recall
but the treasures you can keep consist
of the adventures and the friends you’ve met
this will ensure your soul’s rebirth
a road diverging into yellow woods
will be like Frost, the choice you make
so in achievements you find mirth
but it’s the way that is the labour’s worth.

Today in dVerse Sam wants us to write a glosa. Honoring another poet by including that work into a new poem. The poem is still very much a process in work. Pub opens at 3 CET, so please come and join. I have chosen a poem by Karin Boye, a Swedish poet that is very well known to us, but got very little attention (I think abroad). The link takes you to a site were you can read her poetry (in Swedish and translated).
May 23, 2013

45 responses to “In motion – a glosa based on Karin Boye

  1. Bjorn – thank you for introducing this wonderful poet to me – and really enjoyed your glosa – a new form I’m not familiar with either. Loved the flow of this and the last few lines mentioning Frost. K

  2. very cool björn – love the wisdom in this… the best day is a day of thirst…that was probably what i needed to hear today…it’s not about perfect days, it’s about what we do with the time we got, no matter how things go…ha…see you got me thinking…and’s about choices..

  3. Well this is my first time to read her poem, thank you Bjorn ~

    I would like to think that my adventures in life and friends met along the way will make for an interesting life ~ But not yet, there is more to do than just seeking success and gold, there is also meaning and finding our place under the sun ~ Have a lovely day, smiles ~

  4. fabulous bjorn…i too hope that the adventures and friends chase me into the after when i can finally rest my hands from this work, but there is something just to the work as well…its end of year goal review time here so you are right where i am …haha…really nicely done sir…

  5. That’s such a cool glosa .. nicely done … especially like the lines : ‘the friends you’ve met/ this will ensure your soul’s rebirth – how true is that!

  6. still gratified you are in mind
    & when you finally can rest
    in peaceful dreams you’ve passed the worst
    The best day is a day of thirst.

    Blends beautifully, Bjorn! You’ve cleverly created a smooth flow to chosen words. Wonderful write!


  7. The glosa works so well in this poem – and I, for one, am grateful that you introduced Karin Boye to me. I’m always looking for good writers, as touchstones for my own writing, and yours is one of the highest recommendations – and that quatrain, and what you weave around it, those lines are such truth: that to achieve something of life, one must start not with the complacency borne of self-satisfaction, but with a thirst, a thirst that impels us to reach further, higher, than our grasp.

      • I found someone like that from Japan, Kotaro Takamura… and so I embarked on a mission to adapt the greatest of his works, the ‘Chieko’s Sky’ love poems. There are translations, but I focus more on the poetry. I’ve seen many translations of Neruda and, while some are accurate translations, only a few really sing. I wonder if your own words and poetic sensibility might enhance the appreciation of Boye’s work outside Sweden.

      • Sometimes I’m unsure. Maybe the poems are so embedded in a linguistic and cultural context… And with rhymes it’s even better. Swedish translations from English rarely sings the way they should.

  8. Beautifully done Björn – and so much wisdom there.

    We so often measure our worth in work-related terms – but there is so much more to life, so much to take pleasure from – it is finding the right path…

    Anna :o]

  9. Bjorn, you really honoured her with these lines, especially the rhyming ones, that flow so beautifully around hers.
    And that statue is exquisite: to think that our nation couldn’t even have something like that commisioned for princess Diana.

  10. Loved the way you have dwelt in the nuances of the wisdom in those lines. The gentle rhythm adds to the motion of going for the one to quench the thirst.

  11. treasures you can keep consist
    of the adventures and the friends you’ve met
    this will ensure your soul’s rebirth..
    so true these words and so well written – thank you for introducing us to Karin Boye as well..
    dVerse has definitely improved me in any ways!

    so true

  12. You have outdone & out-striped your self here, Bjorn, creating a perfect use of Glosa. I am so pleased that many of us were able to fully write both our tributes, and still have the poetics echo our own voices. Had never heard of Boyle either; thanks.

  13. Beautiful elaboration of Boye’s lines–and look! you even managed to give a little love to Bob Frost as well. This is lovely work, showing a keen ear for sound.

  14. This has such a hearty feel, and one I really appreciate as I’m run off my feet at the moment – the thirst would be good.

  15. What a very fine glosa Bjorn…and thank you so much for the introduction to Karin Boye (have already followed the link and read several of her translated poems; it’s amazing how much talent is out there that one is never exposed to except by happenstances such as this one; again, I thank you) I appreciate your stopping by my blog earlier as well and commenting on “Table for Four”…not the easiest thing to read, I know, so thanks for doing that and for your kind words.

  16. this is wonderful… great use of the form and i love how you wrap it all up in the last stanza. made me sigh. beautifully done!

  17. You seem to have captured her style as far as I can judge, which is one of the things one is supposed to aim for in a Glosa. Well done! You are right, I had not heard of this poet; thank you for making us aware of her.

  18. i love your glosa, the final stanza being my favorite and something i very much needed to read and consider right now! I like her, and will read more after your introduction.

  19. Wonderful poem, it flows beautifully. And thank you for introducing us to a poet that we may be unfamiliar with. I’ll admit I had not read her poem. Thanks!

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