Just a nightcap – Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers is out again, and this time it’s this beautiful restaurant/bar by Ted Strutz. The genre is a probably just a twisted tale and any similarities with real persons is purely coincidental. And I think I managed exactly 100 words.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful group of bloggers from around the world who every week gather to write a story of 100 words (more or less). If you want to know more, go to Rochelle Wissoff-Fields page and check it out. If you only want to check out the great stories click the little blue guy at the bottom.

Copyright Ted Strutz

Copyright Ted Strutz

Ted entered the upscale bar early to beat the crowds, and got a seat right up to the counter. He didn’t want to appear inexperienced so he said to the pale gangly bartender, “I’ll have a glass of red please”

“That’s, what everybody wants – what kind?”

“You’ve got any French?”

“Sure, we have some nice Virgin red, here”

“What grape’s that?”

“Grape? are you crazy man, what kind of bar do you think this is?”

The bartender grinned.

With dread Ted noticed the bartender’s unusually sharp and white canines.

“HEY, GUYS, we have some fresh food-delivery” the bartender shouted.

May 8, 2013

71 responses to “Just a nightcap – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sheesh… Never can trust a Friday Fictioneer not to reveal sharp, glistening-white canines! I just wonder if Ted was wearing that fancy 1970’s get-up we saw several months ago…

  2. Ugh, ugh! I swear I almost stood up and tried to run!!!!!!!! Not that I would have gotten very far! VERY nicely done. Sucked me in and made me jump! Gonna go read it again. 🙂

  3. It’s not really my kind of story – I scare easily – but this did make me laugh.

  4. Yah! Look out for those upscale bars! This line was my favorite: “Grape? are you crazy man, what kind of bar do you think this is?” My suspicions were answered with the line, and it really grabs the reader by the throat.

  5. And here I thought the bartender was pale because he had an indoor job. Are the pictures behind the bar advertisements for the “wine special of the day”? Good story, Bjorn–

  6. Great narrative, and I love the different plays on words for the “wine.” One nitpick though. That first paragraph should have a comma after bartender, and bring the first quote up after it. The line break there is jarring.

  7. Hahah! I started laughing just with the mention of Ted after the “any similarities with real persons is purely coincidental” line. I hope he escapes.

  8. Oh, Bjorn … you make us ALL want to be teetotalers, don’t you? I suppose Ted tasted really good to those dogs. Lesson learned.

  9. Very clever – poor Ted! I like the reveal at the end with the guy’s teeth, and the ‘fresh food delivery’ line. Made me laugh 🙂

  10. I think ‘Raynard’ needs to find this place, then maybe he’ll leave Saskia alone. But probably not. Chuckling with everyone else.

  11. Hi Björn,
    I laughed! It’s a good story too – all the elements and a nice little bite at the end 🙂 My favourite of the comic offerings this week.

  12. Ha! Great minds and all that. Good to see those canines popping up here, too. Perhaps they’re part of the same ‘family’ lol. Good take, Bjorn.
    PS If the image copyright holder gets this sort of treatment, I think I’ll hold off on submitting any photos to Rochelle. 😀

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