Arctic summer – haibun for Ligo haibun and dVerse

Today Victoria at dVerse want us to write poetry on what inspire, motivate, excite and also outrage us most. Ligo haibun at the same time want us to write haibun on eiter fantasy or inspiration. What a coincidence! Therefore I have written a haibun about our summer walks in Scandinavian mountains.

Copyright Björn Rudberg

Copyright Björn Rudberg

waking up inside our tent to mumbling of a stream
in everlasting daylight we let the day be governed
by how the weather is, and without specific goal

the road –
is what’s important
not the goal

we wander ‘cross a verdant mountain heath.
an arctic summer is like the early days of May
flowers in abundance and birds eager to protect
an offspring that grow adult in just a few weeks

arctic summer
season upon season
the summer months

despite the inflow of impressions, on wings of fantasy
I’m carried far away, formulating verses in my mind
that I can put on paper when I later look at pictures
captured as reminder of this day of inspiration

feeding my fantasy
with inspiration

May 2, 2013

54 responses to “Arctic summer – haibun for Ligo haibun and dVerse

  1. nice….like the blend of the love of poetry and nature…we def relate…and i am a firm believer that the journey is as important or more important than the goal…

  2. oh wow…that sounds awesome….stuff for inspiration for sure…and’s the journey that brings so much magic into our lives

  3. I think this is my favourite of your work I’ve read. I can see how you would be inpired by that landscape and the feeling walking there and I agree it’s the road not the goal that counts.

  4. Mmmmmm – lovely photo and I really enjoyed the haibun too. Now I will have to go and get some new hiking boots and take to our Scottish mountains…

  5. Oooh…I want to go there. This seems to be such a place of beauty and I thank you for transporting me there. One of the wonders of poetry, don’t you think?

  6. “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
    and you wisely applied that to your roamings.
    We have images like that from the Highlands, and this makes me want to get those on the screen again. Short sleeves at what height?

  7. I love in the NW Ring of Fire here on the Pacific Coast of Washington state, and the Cascades & Olympic mountains hem me in like a babe in a giant’s crib, as Mt. Rainier, Baker, Adams, & St. Helens beckon to me daily; nothing satisfies like hiking in he foothills or up on the broad shoulders of volcanoes.

  8. Very good! I think it takes a poetic soul to really appreciate what Nature can do for the imagination. And then there are those special ones, like you, who can actually put that poetic feeling into words. Marvelous.

  9. Beautifully written. I think I need to read it many more times to get the most out of it because there is so much here. Really enjoyable and an incredible photo.

  10. wonderful, loved the poetic description and the conclusion, A very nice form to think, contemplate and conclude!

  11. Beautiful and really enjoyable to read. The long lines of appreciative thought, and the short lines, thoughts in the background of thoughts, cuts to what is fundamental, causes one to pause and ponder at each break. The whole thing just seems to breathe with its own rhythm. Really good.

  12. I do love the haibun. And I enjoy your poetry so much, Björn because i often feel I am there witnessing all this natural splendor. Your love for your homeland is so inspiring.

  13. It must be a poetic thing that we are forever creating verses in our minds… sometimes quite outside of what is happening in the moment 🙂 Thank you for the intro to haibun… and for your lovely poem.

  14. Björn , you have written for both prompts beautifully – the fantasy and the inspiration.
    “the road –
    is what’s important
    not the goal”
    i couldn’t agree more 🙂

  15. That was a nice description of the joy of walking in the mountains. Since I begun writing poetry I have not walked in the mountains, but I believe I understand the inspiration you describe. I remember a dreaming existence. And the Scandinavian mountains, or better the nature of ours, is magnificent. Thank you Lord!

    I agree that the road is what is important, not the goal, when you feel for it. But the words inspired me to reflect a bit upon that. And God let me come up with this:


    Enjoyed the road
    is by the load.
    So be it light!
    In Christ be right!

    + 🙂 +

  16. beautiful moment you shared here Bjorn…i especially love the image of “the mumbling of a stream in everlasting daylight…” wonderful. ♥

  17. How in the world do you manage to sleep in a tent when the sun doesn’t go down? It matters little. You convey my feelings when I’m journeying through the mountains half a world away. The human journey to where ever our feet take us.

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