Hard earned money – Trifecta and dVerse entry

Today for Trifecta I present you with a cascading cinquain of exactly 33 words on rain –
3: to take a lot of money in bill form and toss it up in the air. This is most effectively done at a strip club for the effect of raining one dollar bills on the dancers (and it makes them feel so pretty), or to snub a hater by throwing money into their face that then falls to the floor like rain (use this when paying a debt to a punk bitch who keeps asking for their money to the point that they are ruining your friendship or when dumping someone who has been bankrolling you for a while now that you’re making money).

I also share this on dVerse on open link night.
And with this I celebrate my 400th post

In rain
of dollar bills
the bankers can collect
while poor one’s of the slum remain
in pouring rain
the beggar waits in vain
while bankers celebrate the gain
they made

April 2, 2013

73 responses to “Hard earned money – Trifecta and dVerse entry

  1. 400th post – congrats on that! Impressive. As is your work here. The bankers and their corrupt ways – how do they sleep at night? With drugs, no doubt. A cascading cinquain.. that’s one of the reasons I like to read your work – for the value of the work itself and to learn the structure.

  2. tucks at the heartstrings…and the gap between rich and poor seems to get bigger again…tightly woven björn and congrats on your 400th post…woohoo..where’s the champagne…smiles

  3. the seperation between the haves and nots seems to grow further and further every day….used to be one of those bankers but had to save my soul…smiles.

  4. equality in any aspect will never be reached, in spite of promises and hope. Cinquains are addictive, aren’t they? I have scheduled another garland of them for tomorrow. Can’t stop writing them.

  5. 400 posts – WOW!! You know how much I like a good cinquain – and you’ve linked two together. Your banker in the second stanza might need to be plural though – it wasn’t one banker who ran off with all the money, leaving ordinary people to pick up the pieces and pay the price to fix the mess the bankers made with the help of their politician friends.

  6. Love the juxtaposition here… and you speak as if by experience sir (ahem… the strippers?).

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