Mountain snow – 100 WCGU haibun

In 100WCGU this week the phrase from Julia is:

the unseasonal weather meant

and I thought I write a haibun (text + haiku) in 104 words for that. Picture is from Swedish Mountain where we try to spend a week in April every year, going between mountain huts.
Also shared on dVerse open link night.


The glistening winter landscape was magnificent; the unseasonal weather meant that we were in a perfect Christmas card. The rounded mountains were like a meringue dream from the best of bakeries. But outside the temperature was forbiddingly cold, a mordant wind ripped my skin raw, and any warmth from the sun immediately dissipated. In silence we took our skies and backpacks. Today we had to go to the next hut where we would find warmth and shelter, but warmth came already as we slowly skied up the first hill, and I saw a smile caressing your face.

Spring elsewhere
but paradise for me
is mountain snow

March 19, 2013

38 responses to “Mountain snow – 100 WCGU haibun

  1. meringue dream…nice…like that description of the mountains…it is a harsh beauty….the cold biting, but together and smiling def brings the warmth…the mountains give much to me….nice write…

  2. A very nice photo and a beautiful statement. The two of you seem to be good at doing things to make memories of. I envy you a little. I have not been skiing since I quit the Army in ’95 myself (I am insane and incapacitated). I understand your passion, though.

  3. I love the imagery. Between the Christmas card and the meringue, I’m now imagining hardened icing on a Christmas cake – such a delicious snow scene.

  4. Spoken like a true norseman…love the meringue dream…there is beauty in winter, and it’s personified in your country, your writing. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful write – love the meringue dream too. If we look hard enough – we can find warmth everywhere…

    Anna :o]

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