Stomping elephants – Dverse

I decided to take Brian’s challenge in dVerse, finding words and combine. Great idea, so asking your tweeps and on dVerse page I got slightly too many. But great words great words.

Brian gave me these words
cheeseburger, crow, gasps, slides, tenderizes, slick, opaque, smelly (from my son),knee, power
And I got these from @Firebird734
elephant, condominium, kick, dine, reap, old, purple, huge, prioritise, umiaq
and these from @elettracrack
Seductress – to Sublimate – to Transcend – to Excel – Subversive – Damaged – Aware – Boondoggle – Proustian.
and from @ylvaknutsson

Turning into something quite strange.

Googled not mine

Googled not mine

I have a dream
could start in umiaq
or in expensive
but always, always
through opaque haze
transcending into food
in slaughterhouse
we tenderize the
purple meat
like huge elephants
with powerful kicks
subversive and slick
we slide and
mash the meat
then flipping
smelly seductresses
sublimate our souls
aware of need
for subversive
I dine
but suddenly I gasp
an old crow reaps my food
excel his skills
prioritize his need
I grasp for him
but food is gone
I’m on my knees
Is this a proustian custom
or just boondoggle?

27 responses to “Stomping elephants – Dverse

  1. haha…oh i see you had fun with this one…awesome how you worked the words in…and quite some challenging words as well…really cool

  2. hahahaha…you are brilliant…
    tenderizing meat with elephant stomps…i have to image it to be very tender at that point…lol…my goodness..and you still ate it…darn crow stole it as well….dang him….ha….this was a very fun read man…

  3. This one made me smile. You had quite an odd combination of words to use but the good news is – you used them well. Not sure what boondoggle is but I am about to google it. 🙂

  4. …aww…what fun to just simply think how everything here goes & becomes… ha… i wouldn’t dare write a piece that quick… and you did so kudos… enjoyed the read… smiles…

  5. Cool poem. I love alliteration, and it made this poem exciting to read aloud. Excellent job using the words (Proustian? Umiaq?)

  6. I liked your use of a challenging group of words. The elephant legs was very powerful, your voice matched. great word play and creative line work. I’d like to play off that elephant photo someday. Very kool eye.

  7. I like “subversive damaged nutrition.” Every chance I get, I’m looking for it on the menu. Sometimes I get it ‘to go.’ Surreal dining. *grin* Working all those words in had to be fun. Let it go.

  8. Björn,
    Very very difficult but the elephants really pulled it together. I can understand the need to just make it work while inspiration is hot!

  9. Great abstract imagination. Purple meat… well, you never really know what they put in ground meat, do you?

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