Her smile – trifecta entry

I thought I wouldn’t do an entry for trifecta this weekend… But changing my mind I’ll do it anyway. At first I thought it was lithium.. But then I saw it was stone, and why not use both?


her smile
seemingly perfect
but always favoring herself
is there something to be gained
or a price to make her day
but sedated cold inside
dose of lithium again
turns her heart
to stone

March 9, 2013

37 responses to “Her smile – trifecta entry

  1. Most beautiful creatures are like that-self -obsessed & nothing seems to detract them-possibly as your piece says ‘cos their hearts are cold like stone, within.Liked the way you incorporated the word “lithium” in your piece-well done:-)

  2. Brudberg, I enjoy coming to read your works (as others of course) this was a perfect portrait of what is on the surface is not necessarily what lies underneath. Enjoyed.

  3. Nice structure to your poem but, nicer topic choice. In Nature, as with HUmans, the more brightly plumed and decorated, the deadlier they can be. Smiles mask many things that’s why, when a smile radiates the warmth of the heart inside, it is among the best things in life to behold. Very good work, as I am coming to expect from you. 🙂

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