The assignment – trifecta haibun

The word juggle on trifecta fits perfect for this story. Therefore I post it there.
On twitter there are various daily wordgames or prompts. I have in this haibun combined all the words of #altwic #articulate #lqw #ohj #liblit and #haikuchallenge, to create this little spy-story haibun. The words are marked in bold. Concilliabule means “A secret meeting of people who are hatching a plot”
She knew she was hard to refuse and with purposeful legerdemain she maneuvered herself to the seat next to her crestfallen victim dressed all in black. She adjusted her black dress and flashed him a brief smile. She thought about last night’s concilliabule, and how she would get close to him. She was a beautiful honeytrap and could juggle sympathy, compassion and sex in delicate measures. She always won. When she sighed she saw the well-known sparkle in his tearfilled eyes. He would be ready for harvest before the bus reached Cincinnati.

skillful lure of men
always getting what they wants
expendable garbage

March 4, 2013

45 responses to “The assignment – trifecta haibun

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  2. Oooh! New word!

    I liked what you didn’t say here, letting the audience fill in their own blanks here and there. Excellent job.

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