Taste of freedom – dVerse and 100 WCGU

I share this Rondeau on dVerse and 100WCGU where the phrase is:
…what does it taste like….


what does it taste like when you’re free?
like wind you swallow from the sea
and up above in endless sky
I see an eagle’s watchful eye
the shackles loosen, hear my plea

like sweetness of the blooming tree
and nectar I could share with thee
please let me come, I want to fly
what does it taste…?

I’m earthbound now and hear your glee
I beg you please and bend my knee
if nothing else please let me die
and I can soar the skies so high
then from the prison I can flee
what does it taste …?
February 19, 2013

36 responses to “Taste of freedom – dVerse and 100 WCGU

  1. i have always wanted to fly like a bird…to float on the invisible and just be…so i feel you man…and wish i could taste that kind of freedom…almost taste it…smiles.

  2. Freedom tastes like the ocean when it knocks me down under the surf and forces it’s way past my tonsils.

    Where is this picture from? It looks like the Rose granite coast of Brittany on the English Channel. Pink volcanic

  3. Oh, you have written this in beautiful form! I love the flow of the poem, and the profound question…what does it taste? Very original!

  4. That first stanza is a winner, Bjorn. And I like much the concept of wondering about the taste of freedom. Lovely write!

  5. There is no sense that the confines of the rondeau form have restricted your freedom to express yourself in this fine poem. And yes, eight strong, full rhymes are hard to find – especially when you’re not writing in your first language.

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