Mountain place – dVerse poem

A special place to return to are the mountains. This a cinquain cascade about that place to share on dVerse


each summer go
to mountain valley house
where we our peaceful solace find
each day
we share the water from the lake
the wind is our symphony
sweet lullaby
each night
one day
we leave our home
and leaving, bringing back
the memory of mountain house
and now
with winter darkness find relief
in treasure of that house
our memory
we keep

February 16, 2013

39 responses to “Mountain place – dVerse poem

  1. sounds like a magical place…i love the mountains…and one day hope to have a place in the mountains to retreat to…have lived around them most of my life…and spent quite a bit of time exploring them…cool use of the form as well..

  2. nice…the wind sings a wonderful lullaby..and love how the outside place creates and inside place of peace that you can carry along as well..

  3. What wonderful memories you must carry with you of that mountain home when you are away. It sounds like a beautiful setting; and I can imagine how nice it is to have the wind sing you a lullaby each night!

  4. It’s so fulfilling to have memories of a place like that in your life. Mountains have a most powerful presence…you shared that so beautifully.

  5. The wind has the potential to be a soft lullaby or the stuff of nightmares – but mostly the former.

    Tis wonderful to find our mountain home – wherever it might be – and the solace that it offers. Our mountain home can exist within us or without us.

    Thank-you for your words Björn.

    Anna :o]

  6. I look forward each summer to the time we spend in the mountains of Wyoming, away from the everyday. The mountains bring me joy, also, and peace. Thanks for putting that into such beautiful words.


      • People do that sort of camping in Wyoming but we stay in a cabin. Fun either way and the mountains are healing to me. Unfortunately, the only place I’ve been in Sweden was Stockholm and that was many, many years ago. I did see some of the mountains in Norway, taking the train along the fjords and they were spectacular.

  7. ..I’m going back to catch up on last weeks’s posts on Cohen..I can imagine his reading this aloud…there’s something special about a mountain and a lake and a house ..nice…

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