Cupid’s quiver – triolet

I love triolet’s, but it was a while since I wrote one. Thought that I’d do a little one in time for Valentine. This one is shared on Dverse open link night. ALso inspired by today’s word quiver on artwiculate

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

As Cupid carefully takes aim
and arrows from his quiver takes
for Valentine’s the victims maim
as Cupid carefully takes aim
and every year we play the game
the flower-shop their money makes
as Cupid carefully takes aim
and arrows from his quiver takes

February 12, 2013

22 responses to “Cupid’s quiver – triolet

  1. oh what a game it is…and all about money…i rather like love shared on a normal day all the more you know…when it is not expected…smiles…nice form sir

  2. Love it Bjorn. One small suggestion would be to change “take” to “takes” which would make your subject and verb agree. I appreciate that English is not your first language – I wouldn’t even dare to try and write in Swedish.

      • I didn’t know that about Swedish. I do know that English is not as easy to learn as we tend to think – the pronunciation is so variable, even when the letters are the same. I admire people like you and Claudia who write in your second, third …sixth language.

  3. Taking aim at the money maker…but also true aim at love and love’s special day. A charming piece, Bjorn!

  4. valentines day was no big deal over here in germany for a long time…now it’s getting more and more popular cause the shops have discovered you can make money with it…ah…sad..

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