Wherever the wings would take him – 100 WCGU

100 words Challenge for Grownups at Julia’s place today has the following picture as a prompt. I decided to try to write in second person for a change. I met 100 words exactly this week.
View to kill
You are ready as you look down the view from the take-off place.
Far below the canyon floor, but that’s not where you’re heading
You feel the wind as it catch your wings, and you are ready to fly
As you take off you feel how you can gain height with utmost ease
Your father’s wings can take you where your dreams might take you.
In blazing sun you see the black shadows of circling vultures far below
The world will know you Icarus, son of Daedalus as a true living legend
Which is true for just a little while…

January 29, 2013

13 responses to “Wherever the wings would take him – 100 WCGU

  1. A great piece, Bjorn. There’s something so ‘elemental’ about working to tell a story that has been told for generations, yet tell it with fresh vision and fresh breath. In fact, I think that kind of work challenges our creative gifts even more than just making up something brand new. You’ve done this very nicely indeed!

  2. Oopsie – yes, the world will know Icarus as a true legend, but as for that living part, well, shortlived is the only word! Nicely told story. I especially like the way you don’t reveal who the main character is until the end.

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