Twice Bereft – 100 WCGU

Back again to Julia’s 100 WCGU, and today the prompt is
.. and notes from the piano .. . To me this screams poetry, and why not a little simple sad tetrameter poetry story. Slightly above the limit with 115 words, so I guess it means a 10 point penalty. 🙂

Picture from wikimedia commons

Picture from wikimedia commons

his fingers touches carefully
the love he has, her jealousy
their tears they fall to bridal waltz
the notes from the piano calls

to share her love would not be right
she cannot with this rival fight
he never notice as she leaves
as only music he perceives

the letter she has left with him
so light in tone, and not too grim
the love she has, she cannot share
abandon music can’t be fair

she cries in silence at the stair
thus was the end of their affair

he saw her note a little late
and the piano met its fate
he lost his music when she left
and therefore he was twice bereft

January 14, 2013

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