Last evening at the pub – 100 word friday fictioneers

Almost Friday, and a new pictorial challenge. The story today from the excellent picture by Joyce Johnson was quite a challenge but after a good night sleep an idea had formed.

Go to Rochelle Wissof-Fields page for more excellent entries, or add your own, either there or by click on the little widget below. Entry is exactly 100 words.

Eric cursed vehemently, that last beer Brian forced on him had left him with an urgent need to pee.

Finding the restrooms was always a challenge in a new pub, and he expected the usual rowdy crowd outside blocking the entrance.

A sign with an angelic woman led to the left, but a sign with a grinning man took him to the right.

Running down an empty corridor he was pleasantly surprised to find a shining empty toilet where he could relieve himself.

“This is heaven” he sighed.

A thundering voice from below retorted

“Welcome, but it’s quite the opposite”

November 21

40 responses to “Last evening at the pub – 100 word friday fictioneers

  1. Thanks for a good laugh to start the Thanksgiving day! As Shakespeare once (might) have put it, “To pee or not to pee, that is the question.” In his case, he got the wrong answer. 🙂

  2. nice going. did not expect that. look at this sentence though:

    “Being in a new pub, finding the restrooms was always a challenge…”
    with a beginning phrase like “being in a new pub,…” after that phrase, the very next word has to be whoever or whatever is “being in a new pub.” so the next word has to be “he” or his name. otherwise, you’re literally personifying “finding the restrooms” and you’re saying that someone named “finding the restrooms” is in a new pub. so another way to write that would be “finding the restrooms in a new pub was always challenging…” and it cut 2 words also.

  3. This prompt brought out a lot of gas and urine. Oh well, you can only hold so much inside until some of it has to be released. Enjoyed it, Bjorn.

  4. Awesome job – the idea of bathroom placards actually launched me on my story too, but I couldn’t think how exactly to make it work. Is he going down the rabbit hole?

  5. That would be freakish alright to have a potty talk back to you. His drink must have been a powerful one. Or some bloke was playing a weird kind of joke on him. Maybe he used the ladies potty after that. 🙂

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