Visual Dare- My grandfather’s farm

My first Visual Dare entry. A prompt for writing a 100 words story. Picture courtesy of the prompt.

Coming back across the plain to the farm of my grandparents, was also a travel down forgotten roads of my childhood. As I approached the farmhouse on the overgrown road, with the wind playing forgotten melodies, I saw granpa’s old truck, left abandoned where he had his heart-attack

I went down to the river where Granny had ended her life, and recalled the stern ladies of the orphanage, and how I still managed to get my lawyers degree.

And now the irony that I was here to claim the property on behalf of the same company that altered my youth.
October 8 2012

8 responses to “Visual Dare- My grandfather’s farm

  1. A great story (or novel).
    Amazing just how much story can be squeezed into 100 words.
    Glad to see you at Visual Dare – look forward to more stories in the coming weeks.

  2. I love the fact that the story burrows out of the desolation to a “full circle” moment that yet ends with a light tang of revenge. Beautifully ambiguous in that it could turn into a revenge story that only grows more sour, or a redemption story that only grows sweeter as he reclaims the old farm. Well done!! Hope to see more of you in future Visual Dares!!

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