El Dorado

Aguirre-The wrath of God

The myth of land that’s build of gold
Of jungle riches far away
A lure for both the dumb and bold
But Realities the dreams betray

In conquistador adventure
O, ruthless desperate campaign
Of jungle feverish calenture
The warriors all, are ending slain

August 31, 2012 Inspired by WOTD calenture – heat stroke, and the memories of the film “Aguirre, the wrath of Gods” — This poem is still work in process.

Picture from Wikimedia foundations

2 responses to “El Dorado

  1. I remember reading these kinds of stories in my youth, although I am not familiar with this movie. I had a look at the trailer–originally in German. Werner Hertzog, I see. This was no “B” movie, by the looks of it. Beautifully filmed.

    I seem to remember being taught that most, if not all, Conquistador-related adventures came to no good end–which, of course is the opposite of true, to say the least. The El Dorado expedition being an exception because, of course, El Dorado did not exist.

    Parts of the US have had Conquistador influence and history. Florida, of course; also Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, but also the American southwest, I believe–Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

    If you ever get back to this project, I will be very interested in seeing the result!

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